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Time:Jul 23rd, 2020

Cautions for users of Vibratory Separator

Vibratory Separator in the industry also known as circular vibrating screen,this vibratory separator is characterized by fine screening,suitable for high classification requirements of materials,it can be divided into 6 levels at most,so you need to operate in accordance with the requirements,the following is a brief introduction to the operation of vibrator separator matters needing attention.
vibratory separators
Screen mesh frame assembly is composed of screen frame,screen,compacting ring, screen punch plate,rubber ball,sealing strip and tightening screw etc. The screen frame is used to assemble the screen,remove the screen ring before replacing or installing the screen,place the outlet face up on the platform and put down the screen,lay the screen on the screen frame and put the screen retainer ring,fixing the screen with bolts symmetrically according to the warp and weft (vertical) of the screen,after ensuring that the screen has no wrinkle,elastic uniform and square shape of the screen hole,insert the bolts into the screw hole respectively,slowly and evenly tighten them one by one,and cut off the extra screen mesh.
Because the screen frame and screen pressing ring adopt dovetail groove structure, the more you press the screen ,the tighter it gets ,it is required that the screen should be taut,and the gap between the screen frame and the screen pressing ring should be within a certain range,if the screen is thicker,the gap should be increased,if it is not in place,hammer with a wooden head should be moderate or with vise while tightening bolts,to prevent the screen frame tightening ring artificial fracture.
Mesh number of larger screen is generally relatively light and thin,in order to extend vibratory separator service life,mesh number of smaller screen should be lie on its bottom.the screen mesh number is determined by the materials screening requirements,the large ones are on the lower layer,the small ones are on the upper layer,please check the mesh number of the screen carefully before use to prevent the non-standard mesh number from affecting the screening quality.vibratory separator in the long-term use of process, the screen should be regularly checked whether there are broken wire,broken holes,concave or deformation,the broken holes in the screen will make the rubber ball fall into the material,it should be paid attention to and replaced in time.
Screen punch plate is for putting rubber bounce ball, due to the vibration,the rubber ball constantly bounces and moves along the circular direction on the punch plate,which makes the screened material play an excellent role of cleaning due to blocking the screen hole,and at the same time ensures the screening output and accuracy.
The rubber bounce ball will also cause some wear and tear in the long term use,vibratory separator should be replaced when necessary to avoid falling into the material.screen punch plate is fixed on the screen frame with the bolts,long term vibration may cause the bolts to loose or fall into the material,and should be frequently checked and tightened.
vibratory separator
The sealing strip is to prevent the potential leakage of the material,the sealing strip should be replaced due to the long term compression and inelastic caused the leakage
According to the screening requirements of different materials,adjust the phase angle of the hammer block to generate different excitation force and amplitude,which can change the motion trail of materials and make the materials fully screened on the screen surface,so as to achieve the highest screening output and accuracy.
The motion trail of the material is changed by changing the Angle of the hammer, which is shown by the dial on the vibration shaft end and the pointer of the hammer. Loosen the clamping bolt of the hammer block and rotate the hammer block to make the Angle relative to the dial required, then tighten the clamping bolt.The smaller the Angle, the more exciting force it will be.Generally, the Angle should not be greater than 90 degrees.The adjustment of amplitude can be divided into two aspects: horizontal and vertical.the size of the amplitude affects the screening output, the increase of the horizontal amplitude makes the material on the screen move to the edge faster, the increase of the vertical amplitude makes the material on the screen jump and strengthen, it is suitable for the screening of heavy or viscous materials.The amplitude is adjusted by the number of phase weights of the upper and lower hammer blocks.But the amplitude should not exceed a certain range, otherwise it will affect the service life of the vibratory separator.
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