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Time:Jun 25th, 2021

Common Errors of Vibratory Separator and their Solutions In Fertilizer Production

Common errors of vibratory separator and their solutions In fertilizer production, the screening speed of vibratory separators is higher than that of traditional vibrating screens, but there are many errors, which affect production efficiency and improve product quality. And general solution Vibrating separator sieving material Urea is sifted out through the vibrating separator as solid particles. Serious vibration separator failure is divided into leakage and mechanical failure. The failure of this procedure was mainly due to the significant drop in screening efficiency during the rainy season. The soft inlet crushing and material outlet vibrating separator consist of 2 inlets and 2 outlets. These inlets and outlets are respectively connected to T-pieces, false slides, stainless steel articulated slides, and conveyor belt guides. Use soft tarpaulin materials When screening bulk cargo, the material often overflows due to damage to the soft joints. Reason analysis: the soft inlet joint and outlet are directly exposed to the urea particles during operation. When the vibrating separator rotates back and forth, the friction on the soft joint is the main cause of material leakage. Solution: Increase the lining made of wear-resistant and impact-resistant materials to prevent the material from directly acting on the soft joint.
After selecting, comparing and testing materials, it was finally decided to install a thin strip with a thickness of 2 mm at the smooth junction between the inlet and the outlet. Weld stainless steel screws on the outer wall of the water inlet and outlet, stick-thin tape on the screws, and add fasteners to prevent displacement after soft connection. The original soft connection is still used outside the inner tank to prevent dust from overflowing, and effectively solve the problem of soft connection breakage after damage. The broken screen caused material leakage. The vibrating separator is divided into two layers, each layer is composed of 3 screen frames, and each screen frame is composed of 18 mesh stainless steel wire mesh. Divided into 20 grids, each grid has 3 cleaning balls. The cleaning ball hits the screen, and the screen is automatically cleaned during operation. Two phenomena were found: screen breaks and screen edges. The sieve fell from the screen frame. The screen often breaks and leaks during operation. Material leakage is common during operation. After inspection, it was found that materials had leaked from the vibrating separator. B. Through the broken screen of the feed inlet, the edge of the screen falls from the screen frame. Reason analysis: urea fell from a height and hit the net directly, and the clean ball bounced off the screen automatically. Frame n still fits the screen grid. The screen will be damaged after prolonged use. If the vibrating separator is cleaned regularly, the screen frame must be disassembled, cleaned, dried, and reassembled. Gradually loosen the screen frame, loosen the fastening rivets of the screen frame, and open the screen edge. Solution for material leakage: increase the baffle to reduce the impact of the feed inlet. The use of stainless steel screws instead of rivets to fix the screen in the screen frame solves the problem that the rivets are easily ejected from the screen. Mechanical failure Adjustable belt slippage or breakage The vibratory separator is driven by a rotating motor, which is connected to a loose feed belt. The bulk fertilizer feed volume is large, and the active belt breakage failure occurred many times during the operation. Analysis: The analysis of the broken belt shows that the main reason for the broken belt is the wrong choice and the pressure on the belt, which leads to the reduction of boron overheating. Active resistance of the belt. Solution: The advantage of the adjustable belt drive is that in the event of a failure, you only need to remove the pulley protection device, remove the unit in the worn or defective area and replace the corresponding unit. Service efficiency is high. Try to replace the imported adjustable belt with a domestic V-belt. Effectively eliminate belt slippage and breakage.
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