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Time:Oct 12th, 2021

Common Mistakes and Solutions of Vibration Separator and Plate Feeder in Chemical Fertilizer Production

Common mistakes of the vibratory separators and their answers In fertilizer manufacturing, the screening pace of vibratory separators is better than that of conventional vibrating screens, however, there are numerous mistakes, which have an effect on manufacturing performance and enhance product quality. And popular answer Vibrating separator sieving cloth Urea is sifted out thru the vibrating separator as strong debris. Serious vibration separator failure is split into leakage and mechanical failure. The failure of this technique turned into especially because of the massive drop in screening performance at some point of the wet season. The smooth inlet crushing and cloth outlet vibrating separator include 2 inlets and a couple of retailers. These inlets and retailers are respectively linked to T-pieces, fake slides, stainless-steel articulated slides, and conveyor belt guides. Use smooth tarpaulin substances When screening bulk cargo, the cloth frequently overflows because of harm to the smooth joints. Reason evaluation: the smooth inlet joint and outlet are immediately uncovered to the urea debris at some point of operation. When the vibrating separator rotates lower back and forth, the friction at the smooth joint is the principal purpose of cloth leakage. Solution: Increase the liner product of wear-resistant and effect-resistant substances to save you the cloth from immediately performing at the smooth joint. After selecting, evaluating, and checking out substances, it turned into eventually determined to put in a skinny strip with a thickness of two mm on the clean junction between the inlet and the outlet. Weld stainless-steel screws at the outer wall of the water inlet and outlet, stick-skinny tape at the screws, and upload fasteners to save you displacement after smooth connection. The unique smooth connection remains used out of doors in the internal tank to save you dirt from overflowing, and correctly resolve the hassle of smooth connection breakage after harm. The damaged display screen prompted cloth leakage. The vibrating separator is split into layers, every layer consists of three display screen frames, and every display screen body consists of 18 mesh stainless-steel cord mesh. Divided into 20 grids, every grid has three cleansing balls. The cleansing ball hits the display screen, and the display screen is mechanically wiped clean at some point of operation. Two phenomena have been determined: display screen breaks and display screen edges. The sieve fell from the display screen body. The display screen frequently breaks and leaks at some point of operation. Material leakage is not unusual to place at some point of operation. After inspection, it turned into determined that substances had leaked from the vibrating separator. B. Through the damaged display screen of the feed inlet, the brink of the display screen falls from the display screen body. Reason evaluation: urea fell from a peak and hit the internet immediately, and the easy ball bounced off the display screen mechanically. Frame n nevertheless suits the display screen grid. The display screen could be broken after extended use.
If the vibrating separator is wiped clean regularly, the display screen body needs to be disassembled, wiped clean, dried, and reassembled. Gradually loosen the display screen body, loosen the fastening rivets of the display screen body, and open the display screen edge. Solution for cloth leakage: boom the baffle to lessen the effect of the feed inlet. The use of stainless-steel screws rather than rivets to repair the display screen withinside the display screen body solves the hassle that the rivets are effortlessly ejected from the display screen. Mechanical failure Adjustable belt slippage or breakage The vibratory separator is pushed through a rotating motor, that is linked to an unfastened feed belt. The bulk fertilizer feed extent is large, and the energetic belt breakage failure took place commonly at some point of the operation. Analysis: The evaluation of the damaged belt suggests that the principal cause for the damaged belt is the incorrect desire and the strain at the belt, which ends up in the discount of boron overheating. Active resistance of the belt. Solution: The benefit of the adjustable belt pressure is that withinside the occasion of a failure, you simplest want to get rid of the pulley safety device, get rid of the unit withinside the worn or faulty region, and update the corresponding unit. Service performance is high. Try to update the imported adjustable belt with a home V-belt. Effectively put off belt slippage and breakage.
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