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Time:Aug 17th, 2020

How to choose the belt for bucket elevator

TD series belt bucket elevator is a kind of national standard of bucket elevator, the series bucket elevator belt transmission is used to improve the material, mainly suitable for powder, granular and small pieces of material for the vertical ascend, suitable for vertical conveying of bulk density is not greater than 1.5 t/m3 powder, granulated and small lump of grinding cut less material, such as grain, coal, cement, finely ore, etc.
belt bucket elevator
The traction part of TD belt bucket elevator is adhesive tape, and the hopper interval is fixed with the adhesive tape by screws at a certain distance.General use of rubber belt: ordinary rubber belt, nylon core rubber belt, steel rope core rubber belt.
The common rubber belt is made of cotton fabric and vulcanized with a rubber coating. It is usually used in belt bucket elevators with small lifting heights.
Nylon rubber belt is made of nylon canvas and vulcanized with rubber layer. It is usually used in belt type bucket lifting machine with large lifting height.
Steel rope core rubber belt is made of steel rope core and vulcanized with rubber layer. Its strength is strong enough to lift the belt bucket elevator to the required altitude development. The high-efficiency bucket elevator with high volume of up to 100 meters basically USES steel rope core rubber belt as traction parts.
belt bucket elevators
TD series bucket elevator is improved on the basis of D series bucket elevator, its specifications are TD100, TD160, TD250, TD315, TD400, TD500, TD630, TD800, TD1000 and other models, TD160, TD250, TD315 and other models are commonly used models, according to the use requirements with different traction tape
The belt bucket bucket loader produced by Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd. is divided into two types, including TD type is the ordinary belt bucket elevator and TDG type efficient bucket elevator, compared with TD type belt bucket elevator, TDG efficient belt bucket elevator has the advantages of large throughput, higher lifting height, faster speed and other advantages.Henan Excellent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of bulk material conveying equipment. We have advanced tooling equipment and process production level. If you want to know more about us, please click www.exctmach.com.
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