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Time:Dec 26th, 2019

How to operate Z type bucket elevator

The operator of the Z type bucket elevator should pay attention to the following steps before starting the machine.
1.It is necessary to check whether there is any human in the elevator frame.
2.It is necessary to check whether there is any abnormality in the rollers on the conveyor line of the upper and lower inlet and outlet rollers.
3.It is necessary to check whether the indicator lights on the control cabinet (upper emergency stop and lower emergency stop) are on.
4.The Z type bucket elevator shall be operated by special personnel after passing the safety training.
5.The operator must know the the construction and property of the lifting mechanism, be familiar with its working principle and operating system, master the function of its safety device and the correct operation method.
6.The operators should make daily inspection and no-load commissioning before shift. Before the material is lifted, the operator must carefully check the safety facilities, chains, lubrication system and limit safety device of the support plate, repeat the safety operation password to ensure that the safety measures are implemented in place every time. During the commissioning, the person should first stay away from the elevator 50cm, confirm the safety and stability of the elevator, and then formally put it into production.
z type bucket elevator
7.After entering the formal lifting, the operation password should be called first. And then evacuating the personnel, start the safety button. After hearing the warning sound for five times, press the start button again. The elevator will be slowly lifted until the speed reaches the full level before placing the goods. If there are abnormal conditions in the lifting process, measures should be taken immediately to prohibit illegal operation.
8.When the elevator is started, it is forbidden for personnel to put their hands and heads into the elevator.
9.No one is allowed to go up or down by hanging. Overloading and loose placement are prohibited. Materials must be evenly distributed in the support plate, not exceeding the effective space of the support plate.
10.The lifting equipment shall be maintained regularly, and the screws under the support plate shall be checked timely, not less than once every two weeks. Unqualified products should be replaced in time, motor deceleration tank should be checked regularly, oil should be replaced, and the slide should be lubricated reliably.
11.During the inspection and maintenance, it must comply with the relevant safety management system, maintenance should be carried out after strict implementation of safety precautions. Non-maintenance personnel are prohibited from entering the site.
12.When the operator is not on duty, the Z type bucket elevator should be closed, it is not allowed to be unattended when starting up, and the power should be cut off and the switch box should be locked. 
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