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Time:Dec 28th, 2020

How to quickly devolved belt corrugated sidewall belt conveyor

Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is a kind of to save space or shortage of space utilization, our inclination Angle of belt conveyor is too large and even vertical conveying equipment.Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor consists of pulley, Gear roller, wavy guard band, rack, non-return device.Drive motor, pressure belt wheel and other components.Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor cost relatively common tank type belt conveyor are relatively high, difficult to maintain.But it also has its own quirks.
1, corrugated sidewall belt conveyor transmission Angle is big, big up to 90 °, is an ideal equipment to transport of large dip Angle and vertical ascending.So can save area, save equipment investment and construction cost, corrugated sidewall belt conveyor achieved good comprehensive economic benefit.For example, if a user wants to lift coal to the top of a 20m high bunker and uses a side guard machine to transport coal at an Angle of 45°, the captain only needs 28.3m(horizontal captain 20m);And if the vertical transmission of the wing machine, so, the horizontal captain can be controlled within 6m.
2. Simple structure.As mentioned earlier, the main components are with general corrugated sidewall belt conveyor and general, bring convenience to use and maintenance.
3. Reliable operation.Often appear not buried corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, disconnection of chain and chain, and the bucket elevator, off the bucket of a spin occur frequently.
4. Since there is no excavation resistance when charging and internal and external friction resistance of materials when running, energy consumption is low.
5, the vertical side guard machine can also be set in the nose and tail of any length of horizontal transmission section, easy to connect with other equipment.
corrugated sidewall belt conveyor
Here we have to say the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor quickly down the belt of several schemes, implementation proposal preparation and construction of two stages, stage mainly includes the nose mouth, drive after prop-pulling hoist installation, driving device, the installation of electrical system and new belt vulcanizing, etc.The construction stage is mainly to lower the belt and two joints of the head and tail of the machine vulcanization work, planned to complete in two days.
Belt lowering implementation process:
(1) demolition of corrugated sidewall belt conveyor drive between three drive device non-return device, will the nose piece of mouth after 8 t puller rope around unloading roller, guide roller, the front desk after unloading, passive roller and the background, Lord passive roller, stuck put good one skin to take the lead, start the 8 t prop-pulling hoist, after driving to pull the belt to the background.
(2) Add a board card between the main and passive rollers in the background, and reserve the belt by sticking. The stress degree of the clip shall be subject to the belt's ability to be lowered at normal speed.
(3) Low speed reverse opening and large dip type belt conveyor driving device upper and lower belt, leather head is equipped with 4 somerset heads, mainly responsible for the vertical lifting frame between the bottom rollers.When the belt speed is suddenly increased (2 people for each head at the big board card), start to tighten the big board card until the belt is lowered normally.
(4) When the leather leads to the first derrick, stop the belt conveyor, tighten the big plate card between the main and passive rollers in the background, and add a set of plate card at the derrick, mainly responsible for controlling the sudden acceleration of belt speed after the belt is lowered to 200m.
(5) when the skin to take the lead to middle tic-tac-toe frame, stop corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, the background, passive between rollers and Wells in the board fastening, Ann tic-tac-toe frame in the middle place to add a pair of small interface card.Then start the belt conveyor, normally drive the belt conveyor until it reaches 10m from the front to the tail, and tighten the big board card at the installation of the middle well.
(6) After each upper idler is installed, the upper and lower belts are repeated in the same way.In front of the upper belt, take out the back of the bottom belt and put it in the tunnel after the main and passive rollers, and then carry out the work of upper belt. After the epithelial belt is finished, leave the two belts on the top at the side mouth, and vulcanize the bottom belt joint.
(7) After the belt vulcanization is completed, remove the board cards of the well stand and the middle well stand, drive the board card loose, loosen the excess belt to the tail, and vulcanize the studs at both ends of the tail to remove all obstacles and run the test.
inclined belt conveyor
Benefit analysis:
(1) the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor quickly devolved belt technology applied to the settlement of the segmented devolved belt construction time is long, workers labor intensity of operation problems.
(2) The application of continuous and rapid belt lowering technology provides a solid guarantee for safety. Driving device and large board card are used to control belt lowering, which greatly improves the safety factor.
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