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Time:Jul 30th, 2020

The basic content of idler bracket

The conveyor idler bracket structure is simple and firm. It is generally installed in belt conveyor and has the characteristics of many types and large quantities. The idler bracket can fix the idler and support the belt, which is an important supporting structure in the belt conveyor. The supporting bracket made of high quality material has the characteristics of stable performance and long service life.
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Advantages of idler bracket:
1. Idler bracket structure is simple, stable, light weight, strong support strength, flexibility, high friction, and long service life, which is 2-5 times of similar products;
2. The high quality idler bracket can ensure that the radial runout, flexibility and axial movement momentum of the idler are within the stable range while ensuring the fixing effect of the idler;
3. The high quality idler bracket is made of fine steel structure and sprayed with anti-rust paint, which can effectively prevent dust and water, resist the corrosion of the external environment, and improve the anti-aging ability by more than 50%;
4. The idler support not only supports the belt, but also corrects, adjusts and prevents the belt from deviating;
5. The idler support is easy to make, strong in weight, easy to install and maintain, which greatly reduces the production and maintenance cost;
Type of idler bracket:
In the use of belt conveyor, the conveyor idler bracket has the characteristics of many kinds and large quantity. Idlers bracket are classified according to the applicable type of idler, its own use and structure. Common idlers bracket include adjustable idler brackets, deflectable idler brackets, groove idler brackets, H brackets and hanger brackets.
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Purpose of idler bracket:
1. Fixing the roller in place
If the design of high quality idler bracket is reasonable, it will be more convenient for idler loading and unloading. At the same time of fixing the idler, the flexibility of the idler is ensured, and the radial runout and axial movement momentum of the idler are controlled within a reasonable range.
2. Supporting the belt
The conveyor idler bracket is made of high-quality steel and welded by rigorous process. It is not only standard in specification, but also has a firm structure, which can provide stronger support and ensure the stable conveying of idlers and belts.
3. Preventing from deviating
The idler bracket can be adjusted during the operation of the belt, which can effectively adjust the belt and increase the service life of the belt.
4. Wide application
The idler bracket has the advantages of light structure, simple process, long service life and low maintenance cost. It is a widely used affordable and durable bracket structure.

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