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Time:Aug 17th, 2021

The Evolution of the Sizers Crusher

Crushing is a crucial link within the field of commercial extraction with the fast development of this age. Sizers device may be a quite instrumentation wide utilized in mining machinery. all told styles of metal, non-metal, chemical, building materials, electrical power, and alternative industrial sectors occupy a awfully important position. From the economic purpose of view, in the concentrator, crushing and grinding production prices account for quite 40% of the whole processing costs, and equipment investment accounts for regarding 60% of the total investment.
1. Sizers Crusher before 1990
Before the 1990s, the technology of sizers crusher has defects reminiscent of being not dominant the particle size of crushed product, crushed products over crushing amount, the big impact load of the body , simple damage to the broken teeth, large noise ,large maintenance procedure and alternative shortcomings. so as to forestall the fabric from the miscellaneous wood, iron, waste rock, rock arduous materials to break the broken teeth, in single toothed roll crusher crushing plate bottom is supplied with tension spring, a double toothed roll crusher broken with compression spring on each ends of the roller. the aim is to increase the force of the crushing plate or the roller once the crushing cavity of the majority material or the arduous material can't be broken. therefore the compression spring will increase the discharge gap of the crushing chamber so as to discharge hard objects. Then the restoring force of the spring makes the movable crushing plate or tooth roller come to the initial position. so it cannot strictly management the particle size of the broken products.
Sizers crusher
2. Sizers Crusher after 1990
During the 1990s, with the China's reform and opening up, the coal sales market has additionally undergone nice changes. folks hints higher needs to coal preparation technology and equipment. It includes the reduction of fine particle content, the uniformity of product particle size, the reduction of over-limit particle size, and therefore the increase of process capacity, that promotes the event and progress of device technology. Firstly, 2PL series robust crusher is developed. The technical progress of the crusher is principally the cancellation of the first double roll crusher yield spring safety device, the double crushing roller fixed, crushing tooth exploitation new technology and materials to forestall the harm of arduous crushing tooth, therefore on strictly management the big particles within the broken products.
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