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Time:Aug 4th, 2021

The role and definition of rain cover of the conveyor

 In the belt conveyor project design, after determining the first important parts, it is important to consider other accessories of the conveyor, such as a rain cover.
The need to protect a belt conveyor may arise from the weather, the volatile nature of the material being transported, or the type of working equipment, or from European specifications requiring coverage
The total length of the belt conveyor.
rain cover
For example, rain can cause the roller belt to slip, which can lead to tracking problems.
Extreme temperatures may cause a plant to malfunction or stop, while strong winds may deflate the conveyor belt from its natural position, causing serious business problems or loss of material transported.
Definition of rain cover:
When the noise is monitored outdoors for a long time, it can be used to prevent rain and to calibrate the long-distance electrostatic exciter
A cover for a device.
Another name for rain cover:
The rain cover also known as rain cover, color steel rain cover, conveyor rain cover, conveyor dust cover, belt machine
Rain cover, etc. Rain cover plays a great role in goods and environment when goods can be reduced in the process of transportation
The loss and waste of material makes the conveyor belt safer and more reliable in the process of transportation, and then extends the transport plane
Service life.
Rain cover application industry:
A rain cover is widely used in power plants, cement plants, steel plants, chemical plants, coal plants, ports, docks,
Mining enterprises, etc.
The role of rain cover:
Rain cover plays a great role in goods and the environment and can reduce the damage of goods in the process of transportation
Loss and waste, make the conveyor belt in the transportation process more safe and reliable and then prolong the service life of the transport plane
Life. Style of rain cover:
The rain cover has fixed type, open type, and observation window type, which can clearly see the goods in the transmission process
And whether the conveyor belt runs normally, more deviation cover, for the conveyor with deviation switch to prevent rain, prevent
Dust and so on.
The main colors of the rain cover are navy, white and gray, red, etc.
The main procedure of rain cover:
Conveyor rain cover production needs several processes to complete, including plate selection, feeding, pressing, shearing, pressing
Arc, raise, packaging, etc.
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