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Time:Jul 6th, 2020

The significance of the design of conveyor idler spacing

The belt conveyor has the advantages of long conveying distance,large conveying capacity,flexible and convenient layout etc.,at the same time,it is also easy to implement the automate conveying and centralize control,the belt conveyor usually keeps continuous running during its working period,which is widely used in many industrial fields.
conveyor idler
At present,in the standards of belt conveyor in china,the determination of the distance between the idlers of belt conveyor is mainly based on the convey capacity of conveyor,the carrying capacity of idlers, the sag of belt during the conveying process,and etc.
When the belt conveyor is in a special state,the space between the belt conveyor idler will be reduced to make the load-carrying capability of the conveyor idler more optimized.with the large-scale use of belt conveyor,the reasonable distance between the idlers of the conveyor is determined to make the belt conveyor run efficiently,due to the comprehensive influence of many factors to the space between idlers.the reasonable designing of space between idlers can be determined in a variety of ways in order to reduce the input of the overall equipment of conveyor and increase the economic benefits
1.Influence of material characteristics on the distance between load-carrying idlers
In practical engineering applications,it is necessary to calculate the distance between idlers according to the characteristics of conveying materials.in the process of conveying bulk materials,the distance between idlers should be calculated according to the distribution density of materials,when the density increases,the idlers spacing will gradually decrease.
2.The relationship between the idler spacing and the properties of conveying belt
Due to the idler spacing and the line density of conveying belt mass is inverse relationship,when the width of the conveyor belt is large,a smaller spacing should be chosen.at the same time,considering that the minimum tension is always in a state of change,it cannot be taken as a key factor affecting to the idlers spacing
3.The relationship between the inclination of blet conveyor and the conveyor idlers spacing
When the conveyor has a greater upward inclination angle,it is necessary to set a greater idler spacing.To ensure within the range of dynamic friction angle between the material and the conveyor belt,the belt droop and the idler spacing should be reduced.with the increase of upward conveying angle,the idler spacing is also getting smaller.
The belt conveyor is composed of the driving pulley,bend pulley,idlers,driving device and the conveyor belt and so on,the idler is the most widely used and distributed component of belt conveyor,generally distributed throughout the whole belt conveyor,and its mass accounts for about 1/3 of the whole belt conveyor,therefore,the reasonable spacing of idlers is set can play a good supporting role for the conveying belt,ensure that the conveying belt always keeps the sag state,effectively reduce the running resistance,and achieve the goal of smooth operation of the whole belt conveyor.
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