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Time:Jul 9th, 2021

The Working Principle and Outstanding Characteristics of Apron Feeder

The work of the apron feeder is that the power of the motor makes the connecting rod of the eccentric mechanism reciprocate through the reducer, and makes the pawl push the ratchet wheel to drive the active sprocket to rotate to make the supporting chain-plate for intermittent movement to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.
Apron Feeder
The apron feeder features in bellows:
1.Traction chain: We adopted the pitch plate type pin roller chain, for its good wear resistance, high tensile strength, and long service life after scientific heat treatment.
2.Chain-plate: we use the stamping tank body, which is more stable to receive the material, because of the circular arc lap of the bottom plate of the tank body, reducing material leakage;
3. Drive: We use a speed-regulating motor, whose running speed is adjustable, so we can manually control the acceleration or deceleration, the speed of 0.3~0.5m/min. Speed regulating motor is so popular for its stable operation.
4. Arrangement form: diverse, horizontal, and inclined arrangement.
5.Delivery length: generally 5-10 meters in the majority. The longest conveying length should not exceed 20 meters.
6. Inclination Angle: not more than 20 degrees. Material temperature is not more than 300℃;
7. Closed-form: the default closed-form is open material conveying, working environment dust is large. If the site requirements of environmental protection of the working environment are strict, the apron feeder can be made into fully closed equipment to meet the requirements of environmental protection.
Heavy apron feeder: Heavy apron feeder is suitable for short-distance conveying bulk material with particle size below 1000mm. Medium apron feeder: Medium apron feeder is suitable for short-distance conveying bulk material with particle size below 400mm, transporting loose density less than 2400kg/m3, block weight less than 500kg, and material with temperature below 400℃. Light plate feeder: light plate feeder is suitable for short-distance conveying bulk material with particle size 160mm below, transporting loose density less than 1200kg/m3, block weight less than 140kg, temperature below 350℃ material.
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