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Time:Oct 18th, 2021

Why Choose Conveyor Cover and What is it Feature

Protecting your belt as well as your bulk materials is important in the conveying industry. we offer a solution in both full and three-quarter conveyor covers to protect your application. Standard in galvanized steel, you can count on Conveyor Covers to be strong and hold up to a multitude of environmental challenges.
rain cover
• Available in full and three-quarter styles
• Galvanized for corrosion protection against the elements
• Match idler spacing for maintenance access
• Heavy-duty galvanized steel mounting foot brackets
• Heavy gauge galvanized bands for greater rigidity
• Retaining bracket to hold the cover in an open position for maintenances
• Full-100% 180° Conveyor Cover can be opened for access to material and idlers
• Three-Quarter Conveyor Cover opened on one side for easy access to material and idlers
• Protects material and idlers from weather
• Protects the rubber belt from UV and weather
• Prevents the belt from lifting due to wind forces
• Increased operator safety
• Standard 4 foot long sections
• Call for additional options
1. To protect the conveyed material
2. To protect the environment:
• Against dust
• Against noise
3. For operators’ safety
4. For the protection of the belt against the sun and weather resulting in longer belt life
5. For the protection of the materials:
• With the reduction of maintenance to the structures
• To avoid loss of materials and productivity due to wind
• To avoid deposits of rainwater on the belt
• To assure the efficiency of the industrial constructions linked to the belt
The HENAN EXCELLENT MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional bulk material conveying equipment manufacturer. We have a professional production capacity and rich production experience as well as strict product quality inspection. We can guarantee that every piece of equipment we produced is qualified equipment, and we ensure the qualified rate of the products. To know more about our products, Please visit our official website: https://www.exctmach.com/.
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