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Time:Nov 6th, 2020

Epidemic abuse economic downturn EXCT usher in a concentrated delivery season

At the beginning of 2020, global COVID - 19, hit the global economy, that is inherently unstable international market demand more depressed, but EXCT under the correct leadership of the government, take many positive and flexible measures to adapt to the change of the market, to overcome the negative effects of disease, in a very serious situation, Obtained order from a number of countries.
JAF company is a very famous cement manufacturer in Sri Lanka. In 2016, it established a good cooperative relationship with EXCT and purchased our belt conveyor, bucket elevator, apron feeder and spare parts for many times.The JAF's inquiry on apron feeder chain is very special, with rare raw materials and unusual assembly forms, so it's highly demanding on the production process, making it difficult for the average manufacturer to meet the requirements of its customers. However, after repeated technical clarification and confirmation by EXCT engineers, JAF approved EXCT processing capability and finally granted EXCT the order from apron feeder chain.
apron feeder chain deliver
VME is a professional manufacturer of castings, mechanical parts, steel structures and mechanical equipment castings in Malaysia. At the end of July this year, VME sent 14 bucket elevators and 16 Belt Couriers to EXCT because of the requirement of the second phase expansion of the factory. After EXCT received the inquiry, the engineer carefully studied the technical materials provided by the customer. After in-depth communication with the VME engineer, the engineer made a detailed technical plan for VME. VME engineers conducted a rigorous review of EXCT's technical proposal and clarified the details that were in doubt. Finally, VME gave the order to EXCT.
belt conveyor and bucket elevator delivery
When the equipment starts production, EXCT quality control engineers track the production schedule and follow the production process to make sure the quality meets the technical requirements. During the production process and later the no-load test, our quality inspection engineers have completed such infrared thermometry-motor, Shaft test, bearing temperature test, Electric Currency test When running, tachometer, Sound level, Coating Thickness Check, The Dimension check test Etc.
Although the global epidemic situation is still severe and the economic situation is still uncertain, we believe that through the concerted efforts of all EXCT colleagues, we will be able to overcome the temporary difficulties and win more customers' trust with excellent product quality, so as to get more orders from all over the world.
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