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Time:Jul 9th, 2019

New Colleagues, New Beginning, New Journey

At the end of June, with the college graduates across the country were left school and entered society, the international trade department of EXCT has injected new blood and welcomed new colleagues.In order to let the new colleagues more quickly, better and deeply understand the new job and new position, our manager specially arranged for new colleagues to enter the factory to visit and study. Under the introduction and explanation of the production manager Mr Zhao, their visited the blanking workshop, welding workshop, machining workshop, assembly workshop and warehouse. The advantage tooling equipment, leading production technology, orderly production process, strict safety standards are impressed the new colleagues and broaden their horizon and enriched their knowledge.
New Colleagues, New Beginning, New Journey
During the visiting and studying, the production department manager, Mr Zhao, who has explained the equipment that in producing and ready for shipment in detail. Through Mr Zhao’s explanation, our new colleagues has a preliminary understanding of the working principle and production process of belt conveyor, bucket elevator, pan feeder, en masses scraper conveyor and other equipment. They were listened and wrote and asked some questions about the production process and design principle of the equipment for Mr Zhao. For each question, Mr Zhao explained it in detail and roundly.
Through this visit and study, it not only enriched the vision of our new colleagues, but also enhances their ability of understanding and analysis in the products. In other words, it is a significant part of that we can provide more professional service to our customers in the future. 
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