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Time:Aug 19th, 2021

The Foreign Trade Industry is still in the Grip of the Pandemic Crisis while HENAN EXCELLENT MACHINERY CO., LTD Is Again Delivering Good for Singapore Customers

The foreign trade industry is still in the grip of the pandemic crisis. Financial restructuring, government handouts, bankruptcies, and lay-offs in all sorts of areas are in the news. Many airlines, hotels, liner operators, foreign trade companies, and leasing companies are struggling with crisis management. Although the management of foreign trade enterprises is struggling to make key decisions to deal with the epidemic crisis, the industry leaders still need to plan the recovery plan as soon as possible. All these events have seriously affected the ability of the foreign trade industry to provide services. However, despite the immediate consequences of these previous crises, basic business requirements have remained relatively stable.
bucket elevator
Under the influence of the epidemic crisis, we, with excellent production technology, skilled new media operation, and a team of good leaders to continue to provide the best quality service to the guests during the epidemic. Following the export of the crusher project in July, we have been favored by the Singapore customer and we will deliver the cement bucket elavator for the customer this month. Our Customers in Singapore praised our rigorous epidemic prevention and control, efficient delivery efficiency, as well as the rich professional knowledge of our team, and the professionalism of our engineers. With a core business of cement, the customer is a leading supplier of premium building materials - over 40 years of operating experience shaping landscapes in various parts of Asia- and it has diversified its business platform to include specialty polymers.
Since 2005, the group has strengthened its supply chain by utilizing its GGBS joint venture production base in China, coupled with its Damarao Island bulk terminal and logistics services provided by top premixed concrete operators. The extended supply chain enables Engro to meet the stringent requirements of special cement and high-performance concrete supplies. From the first contact and communication with us in March to the delivery in August, the customer has communicated with us on technical solutions many times. In order to meet the diversified needs of the customer, we have overcome all difficulties and sourced Siemens motors from abroad. We have held technical clarification meetings with the customer many times. With our excellent quality, advanced production tooling and technology level, rigorous technical solutions, and strict product quality testing, we have successfully won the approval of the customer for the bucket elavator and the customer ordered bucket elavator of the following specifications (as shown in the figure) :
2.C-C distance:59.75m;
3.Material name: cement and fine slag powder;
4.Handling capacity:40m³/h;
5.Bulk density:1 t/m3
6.Reducer model:DCY224-40-IN;
7.Motor model:Y180M-4-18.5kW
8.Power supply:400V 50HZ
9.Bucket material: Carbon steel
10.Casing material: Carbon steel
The current global epidemic is gradually under control, Exct.’s factory carried out normal production and operation. Henan Exct. as a foreign trade enterprise serving foreign customers, united as one, in the New Year together to create brilliant achievements by sincere cooperation with more customers to provide customers with excellent material delivery solutions. The HENAN EXCELLENT MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional bulk material conveying equipment manufacturer. We have a professional production capacity and rich production experience as well as strict product quality inspection. We can guarantee that every piece of equipment we produced is qualified equipment, and we ensure the qualified rate of the products. To know more about our products, Please visit our official website: https://www.exctmach.com/.
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