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Time:Apr 8th, 2019

Tomb Sweeping Day

Tomb Sweeping day is one of the traditional festivals in China, which is on the fifteenth day after the spring equinox.

Tomb sweeping day has both natural and humanistic connotations, which are both natural and traditional festivals. On this day, people sweep the tombs and memory of ancestors. At the same time, it is also a festival for people to get close to nature, go hiking, play and enjoy spring fun. So the Tomb Sweeping Day is a festival, which is a combination of natural solar terms and human customs. It is a set of weather, terrain, and human in one body. It fully embodies the harmonious integration of the ancestors of the Chinese nation in pursuit of “the heavens, the earth,and the people”, pay attention to the thinking of adapting to the natural conditions and following the laws of nature.
tomb sweeping day
In China, there are many traditional activities. The two traditions of Tomb Sweeping Day: one is to respect and memory the ancestors, another, getting close to nature. The traditional concept of “unity of man and nature” is vividly reflected in the tomb sweeping day. Such as ancestor worship, outing, plant willow trees, fly a kite and so on.  
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