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Time:Nov 11th, 2020

Analysis on the use of corrugated sidewall belt conveyor in metallurgical industry

Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is a kind of difference between the conventional trough type belt conveyor and flat belt off special wavy guard band equipment, is a kind of vertical conveyor belt with large Angle even machine. It is usually composed of the head and tail drum, the flat roller, the roller, the roller, the belt roller, the undulating edge belt, the brake, the tensioning device, the frame and so on. Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor for application in mines, coal, power plants, steel mills, chemical industry and so on have big Angle transfer condition of the environment.
When conveying bulk materials with ordinary belt conveyor, the dip Angle should not be more than 18° in general. If the lifting height is high, it needs a long climbing distance, which not only extends the length of the conveyor, but also takes up more land and increases equipment costs; If the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor, and its transmission Angle up to a maximum of 90 (*), can solve this problem well. This kind of conveying function arbitrarily transports all kinds of bulk materials, shortens the length of conveyor, reduces the land area, reduces the project investment, is advantageous to the process design system layout, has been applied more in the coal, electric power, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. IN the new construction, modification and expansion of electric furnace steelmaking in metallurgical industry, the limitation of land often brings a lot of difficulties to process design. To firm up the land resource is a precious resource, and the low price is very expensive, in order to from the ground by the chute will ferroalloy, lime etc. materials promoted to the top of bunker, the electric furnace feeding, we adopted the corrugated sidewall belt conveyor.
sidewall belt conveyor
Corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is similar to the structure principle of ordinary belt conveyor. It is composed of corrugated retaining belt, driving device roller, roller, frame, tensioning device, sweeper, convex arc roller set, concave arc roller set and reversing roller. The structure of corrugated retaining tape is to attach scalable and bendable corrugated retaining tape on both sides of its baseband, which is between two tea retaining tapes. There is also a fixed - strength and elastic diaphragm. IN order to transport ferroalloy bulk material with a density of 3.5t/m3 and enhance the stiffness of the diaphragm, a steel framework is also added in the diaphragm to meet the use requirements. The head sweeper can only be installed on the reverse side of the tape to flap and shake off the material stuck on the tape due to the influence of corrugated side and diaphragm on the front side of the tape. There are two kinds of common sweeper: vibration wheel type and beating type.
The head funnel
The design should take full account of the location of the flap sweeper installation, so that the flap down
The material can fall into the head funnel. From the actual situation on site, its minimum size should not be less than 1500mm
A short horizontal belt conveyor may be installed in the head return horizontal section if the process design conditions permit. Return the residual rod that is beating the speculator gin down to the head funnel. This method has been generally adopted abroad
Roller spacing
The distance between the upper and lower supporting rollers in the original design is the same as that of the ordinary belt conveyor, but it is found in the operation that the belt is composed of the support base, sampling arm, coal scraper, linear motor and sampling bucket. Sampling bucket points left and right direction,
According to the belt conveyor cutting bridge Angle we usually installed on the wavy retaining side conveyor by metal detector, electric three-way flap door composition. The conical subdivision is conical with thin shell; Scraper type, vertical ring structure; Optional type feeder; Equipped with the device; Equipped with the device.
inclined belt conveyor
We EXCT production of corrugated sidewall belt conveyor after our technology department of the early stage of the in-depth research, professional precision of surveying and mapping, for each customer designated specialized one-to-one drawing design, and then after our production department audit order, purchasing department purchase qualified, high quality just now, and from the auxiliary parts supplier sourcing, our electrical department program design and the matching circuit, ensure the operation of the machine is good. We send professional merchandisers to strictly control the quality of products. Before delivery, we have to go through the joint production department of quality inspection department to do final product quality testing and deliver qualified products to our customers. After several years of development, our wavy retaining conveyor has been widely used in mining, cement, metallurgy, steelmaking, food, light industry, chemical industry, and other industries, widely used in the transport of coal, wood, gravel, aggregate, feed, and other materials.
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