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Time:Nov 10th, 2020

You have to know the motion analysis and effects of the vibratory separator

Vibratory separator is equipped with two eccentric block inertia vibrating screen by adjusting the Angle between the two eccentric block, can change the movement of the sieve machine, in order to meet the screening process requirement of different materials, at the same time, the screen surface for 3 d movement of high frequency, can prevent the sieve pore jams, improve screening efficiency, therefore, vibratory separator is more and more widely used vibratory separator structure, have the motor of biaxial stretching and stents, base join together as a whole,Sieve box installed on the base, using circular between clip clip, so, the sieve box tear open outfit is convenient base on frame through spring support, on opposite sides of the motor shaft is equipped with eccentric block, and the Angle between the two eccentric block can adjust screen tension at the bottom of the screen when the motor rotates, under the influence of eccentric block produced from the resultant force, motor, together with the bracket, base, screen and high frequency vibration sieve, etc have a material from the sieve box above to add people, through the sieve was born a fine grained material of fine material discharging pipe,Failed to sieving of coarse grain materials on a screen material is discharged from the coarse material discharging pipe because there are two eccentric block vibration equipment, generally speaking, the excitation force is not through the vibrating part of the center of mass, thus generating a vibration torque, sieve machine in addition to general inertia vibrating screen is same as the vibration of circular trajectory, but also as a cycle of movement as a result, this kind of vibrating screen shall be referred to as the cycle of vibratory separator, referred to as vibratory separator.When the vibrator is rotating, the combined effect of the two eccentric blocks is to produce a rotating excitation force and a rotating excitation torque of the same magnitude, and the angular velocity of the same rotation is equal to the angular velocity of the vibrator.The resultant torque leads to a phase Angle under the excitation force, the vibration part makes a circular frequency in the horizontal plane, just like the ordinary inertia vibrating screen.
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The center of the sieve surface is the same as the center of mass of the vibrating part. It also vibrates in the horizontal plane as a circle, but the radius of the circle is, and the phase difference between the displacement and the exciting force is.The motion equation of horizontal motion is synthesized into the vibration of elliptic trajectory in the horizontal plane, and the Angle between the projection of the elliptic major axis on the horizontal plane and the polar axis and axial gravity of the polar axis point in the point circle.
High frequency can speed up the material sieving, increase production capacity, also can promote the oversize material is discharged automatically self-discharging, however, when the amplitude of a certain frequency increases, the inertia force increases considering the sieve surface structure strength and service life, especially the fine screen, screen mesh stiffness is small, big inertia force, large mesh deformation, movement rule will have great changes, and often is not very stable, sieving conditions is damaged, screen is easy to damage, therefore, the vibration frequency is unfavorable and exorbitant also for vibrating screen with a motor to drive straight league,Its frequency is equal to the frequency of the motor's vibratory separator, which is currently mostly about. The sieve is straight and small, such as less than the diameter; the frequency can be higher; the sieve's diameter is large, such as greater than the diameter; the frequency should be low
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Vibratory separator is an inertial vibrating screen. Since the vibrator is equipped with two eccentric blocks, the vibrator is designed to perform horizontal vibration on a circular track and cyclic vibration on a vertical axis. The power required includes horizontal vibration and cyclic vibration.
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