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Time:Nov 5th, 2020

Development prospect analysis of municipal solid waste treatment by trommel screen

The trommel screen and sorting equipment is a professional equipment for the treatment of municipal solid waste. The trommel screen for the treatment of MSW has the advantages of high screening efficiency, less dust and low cost per unit treatment of MSW. It is one of the main equipment for MSW treatment in China and even in the world.
At present, no matter in my life or in the world, solid municipal solid waste is growing at a rapid rate of 8%-10%. In recent years, there have been major changes in the classification of household waste. The proportion of plastic waste in municipal solid waste has been rising to 13.3%, and the proportion of paper waste has risen to 9.3%. At present, most cities in Our country have not implemented garbage classification treatment, which has caused great trouble to garbage treatment. At present, landfill is still the main way of garbage disposal, and some of them are incinerated and composting. If these wastes can be properly separated and disposed of, it will enable the hazardous wastes to be properly disposed of and the useful wastes with recycling value to be recycled. However, at present, due to the lack of public awareness of garbage classification and incomplete laws, it is difficult to implement garbage classification and treatment. To improve MSW, a reliable comprehensive treatment process is imperative, and the trommel screen plays an important role in this set of MSW treatment system.
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In the process of disposing urban living estimated garbage, the drum screen itself has a round barrel body, with a combination of gear drive, chain drive and friction drive. When the drum screen works, the gear rotates and is close to the drive - end through the chain and the 4 friction wheels
Two friction wheel and gear) are linked together, thus promote four friction wheel rotation. Four processed into rough surface friction wheel surface, to prevent simplified and friction between the wheel slip, and full wheel (4 friction wheel drive also use the full screen body quality to produce friction, can more effectively use the motor output power. The designed rolling screen includes hopper, frame and guide plate. The tilting Angle of the rolling screen is adjustable from 0° ~15°, which greatly exceeds the empirical value of 2°~5°. L/D (D is the inner diameter of the rolling simplified and the length of the rolling simplified) is 1:3.3.The limit speed of simplified Chinese character is V pole, 55r*min~1, so the speed of simplified Chinese character is adjustable in the range of 0~60r'min-'.According to the results of manual screening in the research group (Li Bing et al.,2008), it is determined that the rolling sieve is equipped with 3 kinds of aperture
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The screen surface is 120.80 and 40 mm respectively.
Through our experimental data, it can be concluded that the trommel screen has a good sorting and treatment ability, which can effectively dispose the harmful waste and recyclable waste accurately, so as to achieve the purpose of disposing municipal solid waste. According to the current growth rate of garbage at home and abroad, a large number of solid waste treatment lines will be needed, and more trommel screen will be needed to cooperate with the use. Therefore, the future of the drum screen will have a great increase in demand. This is very advantageous to the drum screen manufacturer.
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