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Time:Nov 4th, 2020

Full set of idler accessories and components you have been looking for

1.The conveyor idler composed of various components, mainly including stamping bearing, bearing, seal, bracket, spacing coupler, coupler, cast steel rake, cylindrical pin, shaft and spring retainer.
The bearing rests are divided into two types, one is pressed bearing, the other is cast iron (gray iron) bearing. Most of the stamping bearing blocks are welded with steel tubes, while the cast iron bearing blocks are extruded with steel tubes. The special point of the ram bearing seat is sealed well, the overall bearing capacity is strong, the biggest characteristic of the cast iron bearing seat is high concentricity, but the bearing capacity is lower than the ram bearing seat.
3. Bearing is the most important part of the conveyor idler, and the quality of the bearing has a direct impact on the service life of the conveyor idler . A good bearing can reduce the roller resistance, reduce friction, prolong service life and reduce cost.
The seals are divided into polyethylene and nylon. Polyethylene has low cost but relatively poor wear resistance,
On the contrary, the sealing cost of nylon material is relatively high, but wear resistance is high (identify whether it is nylon material, can put the seal into the water, sink is the seal of nylon material, float in the water is the seal of polyethylene material).The seals are divided into nearly ten types, such as TD75, DTII, TR, TK, QD80, SPJ, etc.
conveyor idler
5. The conveyor idler shaft is divided into cold-drawn steel shaft and stepped shaft. Remark: The tolerance of the shaft must be guaranteed between 0.002mm and 0.019mm.
6. The spring steel was chosen and made, and it serves as a conveyor idler for the conveyor idler. Poor spring elasticity, changeability, in the receipt of external stamping cannot be a good control of the series.
7. The fixing of axial parts is divided into axial fixing and circumferential fixing.
8. The widget plays an important role and value in the use of the conveyor idler, and can be supplemented for its use and maintenance, thus helping users to play an important role and value in the maintenance of the CONVEYOR IDLER. The processing precision of Conveyors Idler accessories mainly refers to the concentricity of shell and inner hole at both ends and the processing precision of axial dimension of each part. If the concentricity is too bad, it will cause the rolling bearing to bite dead, increase the resistance and reduce the service life; If the axial dimensional error of the part is too large, it will form a large axial clearance, resulting in axial movement, damage lubrication and sealing; If the installation quality is not good, it will be deviated, stuck, and intensified wear, etc., which will greatly reduce the service life of the conveyor idler. The design of the am idler is an important aspect in order to reduce the number of conveyor idler, reduce the price of the complete machine, reduce the investment, operation and maintenance cost, and improve economic efficiency.
9. (1) Wear resistance and long service life.The polymer material specially designed for the roller body is similar to bronze in mechanical properties, having good wear resistance, and has good self-lubricating property, no damage to the belt.
(2) Light weight and small rotational inertia.The polymer material made by this material is light in weight, 1/7th of that of steel, and the weight of the conveyor idler is about half that of the ordinary, with little rotating inertia, and the friction between the conveyor idler and the conveyor is small.
(3) Reasonable structure, reliable sealing.The conveyor idler is equipped with two seals, highly accurate in manufacture, and made of special grease in the gaps, effectively preventing corrosive media such as dust, gas and liquid from entering the doors of the conveyor idler and damaging the bearing.
(4) Excellent anticorrosion performance. Conveyor idler body and seals are made of high polymer materials, corrosion resistant.Used in corrosive Settings, the service life can reach more than 5 times of ordinary conveyor idler.The specification of polymer corrosion resistant COUriers includes 89, 108, 133, 159 and other 4 series, with more than 30 varieties, the non-standard couriers can also be made according to the requirements of users.There are two types of roll body materials, MC nylon and polyurethane, which are selected according to the characteristics of corrosive substances in the use environment.
We have advanced double-end automatic welding equipment, chamfering automatic cutting equipment, milling equipment, pressure mounting equipment, etc., as well as strict product quality inspection equipment, and effectively guarantee the quality of our products.

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