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Time:Jul 16th, 2020

Application of heavy duty apron feeder

Heavy duty apron feeder is widely used in mining,metallurgy,electric power,coal and etc industries because of its large feeding capacity,can withstand the direct impact of the large lump materials and the stable performance.
Heavy duty apron feeder can convey a variety of bulk materials along a horizontal or inclined direction(the maximum inclination Angle of upward transportation is 25°),also can be used to convey finished products in the flow production line.because its load bearing part and running part are all made of metal materials,it can convey heavier and larger grain-size with strong abrasion ability materials compared with other continuous convey machinery.
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This equipment is mainly used for positions under the pressure of bin and hopper,it is more suitable to convey the materials with different granularity and different bulk density uniformly and continuously in short distance through various kinds of crushing,screening and transportation equipment, especially for the primary crushing section.
it is not only suitable for the treatment of coarse material,fine material is also adaptability to the change of particle size,composition,temperature,viscosity,influence of frost,rain and snow or frozen material.uniform,accurate and reliable feed quantity.
Working principle and structural characteristics
Heavy duty apron feeder is powered by a motor that drives the sprocket shaft rotate through coupling and reducer.through the sprocket tooth meshing with the chain pin shaft,drag the chain plate to make continuous linear motion,the chain plate is supported by the supporting wheel and sprocket mounted on the frame, and through adjusting the tension device to make its chain and sprocket mesh correctly,to complete the purpose of conveying and feeding materials.
Heavy duty apron feeder is mainly composed of head wheel assembly,tail wheel assembly,solid of revolution,chain support wheel,intermediate support wheel,the roller,frame,gate,bow cap,drive device and other components.
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