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Time:Jul 14th, 2020

GTS series trommel screen performance characteristics

The main structure of GTS series trommel screen is screening drum ,it is composed of thousands of round screens,the screen surface is generally composed of woven mesh or perforated sheet and frame,the whole trommel screen and the ground plane into an inclined state,the external can be customized sealing isolation cover according to needs,in order to prevent pollution of environment,the trommel screen is mainly composed of motor,reducer,drum,frame,inlet and outlet.
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The trommel screen is mounted inclined on the frame at an angle.the motor is connected with the screen drum by a coupling through the reducer,to drive drum rotation,when the material enters the trommel screen,because of the inclination and rotation of trommel screen,the material on the screen turns and rolls,the material is separated from the top to bottom through trommel screen,the fine material is discharged from the outlet at the bottom of screening drum,and the unqualified material is discharged from the outlet at the end of the screening drum.
The trommel screen can be matched with comb-shaped cleaning screen mechanism according to the actual requirements,in the process of screening,the comb-shaped cleaning mechanism and the screening drum can move relative to each other to achieve the cleaning effect of screen drum,make the screening drum in the whole working process is always clear,non-sitck,non-blocking ,and does not affect the screening effect.
Performance characteristics:
1.Wide applicability of materials:the trommel screen is widely used for screening various materials,no matter it is inferior coal,coal slime,soft coal and other materials,can carry on screening smoothly.
2.The feeding method is simple and varied:the trommel screen feeing port can be designed according to the actual site,no matter the belt,hopper or other feeding way,without taking special measures,can be smooth feeding.
3.High screening efficiency:the trommel screen can be equipped with a comb-shaped cleaning screen mechanism,during the screening process,no matter how dirty and miscellaneous materials entering the screening drum can be screened,so as to improve the screening efficiency of the equipment.
4.The screening capacity of the trommel screen is large:under the same size,the circle area is larger than the area of other shapes,so the effective screening area is large,make the material can fully in contact with the screen,so that the screen capacity per unit time is large,due to its simple structure,convenient layout,novel and mature technology,it is easy to be large.
5.The low energy consumption:the trommel screen motor has small power and large handling capacity,and the running time of the material is only half the of other screen types,so the energy consumption is low.
6.The working environment of trommel screen is good:the whole screen can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover to completely eliminate dust flying block splashing and other phenomena during the screening process,so as to avoid pollution to the working environment.
7.Low noise:during the operation of the trommel screen,because of the small rotary speed of the screening drum,and the sealed isolation cover for isolation from the outside,make the noise cannot be transmitted to the outside,thus reducing the noise of the equipment.
8.Trommel screen has long service life,convenient maintenance and small maintenance:trommel screen is composed of thousands of round screens,its total screening area is far greater than that of other screening types,screening efficiency is high,the equipment running time is short,so the service life is long ,quick-wear part is less,small amount of maintenance.the sealed isolation cover of trommel screen can be taken apart,which will not affect the normal operation of the machine,and the maintenance is very convenient.
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