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Time:Dec 8th, 2020

Are you sure you will choose a shaft-trommel screen and shaft-less trommel screen

Trommel Screen screens and separates the materials to be crushed in the sand and gravel industry, and separates the soil, stone powder and sand that affect the quality of materials, so as to improve the yield and quality of sand.Therefore, faced with such a device, many people do not know how to choose between the axial-free trommel screen and the axial-free Trommel screen.
trommel screen
Usually, the main trommel screen is the axle-free trommel screen, and the axle-free trommel screen is usually larger in diameter.
1. Different materials are applicable to axial trommel screen and axial trommel screen
The axial-trommel Screen is mainly used to separate the input of large and small pieces of materials in stone mills, sand mills and mineral processing industries.
Axleless Trommel Screen is mainly used for grading of banded and wound strong materials, etc. It is used for grading refractory materials, coal, chemical fertilizer, stones in sand field, as well as screening of coal, coke, white ash, sand gold and other wet materials, so as to make the product structure more uniform and meet the production needs.
2. The transmission mode of the axleless trommel screen is different from that of the axial trommel screen
The movement mode of trommel screen with shaft is that the driving device is connected with the coupling, and the drum rotates around its axis under the drive of the motor.
The transmission mode of shaftless Trommel Screen is different, and there are three transmission modes, chain transmission, gear transmission and idler transmission.
The movement mode of the shaft-less trommel screen of the chain is that the motor drives the chain, and there is a gear at the front end of the drum, and the chain drives the gear of the drum to rotate.
The movement mode of the axleless trommel screen of the gear is that there is a big gear on the front end of the drum, and the motor drives the pinion, which is locked together with the big gear and drives the drum to turn by the torsional force of the gear.
The movement mode of shaftless Trommel Screen of idlers is that the rollers are placed on four or more idlers and driven by motors to rotate the idlers. Under the action of friction, the idlers drive the rollers to rotate.
3. The processing capacity of axial trommel screen and axial trommel screen is different
Due to its axleless design, the output of shaft-free Trommel Screen will be 20% higher than that of shaft-free Trommel Screen.Shaftless trommel screen transmission way is divided into chain, gear, friction wheel drive, the commonly used method for the chain, because of its high way of chain transmission torque of roller wear is bigger now use not common, in making this way at the same time before and after drum circle for solid production has greatly increased the production cost, and gear drive and friction wheel transmission for the current practical way, so the capacity than roll axis trommel screen.
trommel screen
Shadeless Trommel Screen has the following characteristics:
1. The screen hole is not easily blocked.
2. The operation tends to be stable with low noise.
3. Simple and clear structure features, convenient detection and maintenance.
4. The reliability of the whole machine is very high, and the one-time investment is relatively small.
5. Special screening screen is selected, which has high working efficiency and longer service life.
The following questions should be noted when using the axless Trommel Screen
1, the voltage must be stable, if the voltage is high when low, then it will cause linear vibrating screen generator instability, will cause the transducer burn out.
2. During operation, the transducer should be tightened up so that no dust can enter the transducer of shaftless Trommel Screen. If dust enters the transducer inadvertently, it will cause the transducer to burn out.
3. The network frame is not loaded, that is, when the network frame is not strained, the power supply of the axial-free Trommel Screen cannot be turned on first, otherwise, the power overcurrent, the network frame and the transducer will be damaged.
4. Shaveless Trommel Screen cannot operate for a long time in excess of rated current. If it operates for a long time in excess of rated current, the transducer will be damaged.
5. The transducer on the axleless Trommel Screen power supply needs to be matched with it. If the generator without matching is used, the transducer will be burnt out.
As a professional screening equipment manufacturer, Our EXCT has many years of production experience. We have produced both axle-trommel Screen and axle-free Trommel Screen for our customers.Each of the two devices has its advantages and disadvantages.Mainly for different needs of customers, we choose the appropriate Trommel Screen for them. 
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