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Time:Dec 7th, 2020

How much do you know about vibratory separator

 Vibratory separator is a light screening device that is frequently used and good maintenance determines the Vibratory separator's life and efficiency.After years of research, we at EXCT have prepared a few maintenance tips for you.
1. Vibratory separator before starting:
(1) Check whether the coarse net and the fine net are damaged
(2) Whether each set of bundle-rings is locked
2. Vibratory separator when started:
(1) Check for abnormal noises
(2) Whether the current is not chaotic
(3) There is no difference in vibration
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3. Vibratory separator: Clean up after each use.
Regular maintenance: The vibratory separator is regularly checked to see whether the coarse net, fine net and spring are tired or broken, whether the various parts of the body are damaged due to vibration, lubricate the parts that need lubricating oil.
Vibratory separator maintenance:
I. Vibratory separator should be regularly checked for any damage to the surface of the sieve. If there is any damage, it should be replaced in time to avoid the difference between the sieve and the sieve.
2. Vibratory separator should be checked to see if the spring part is loose. If it is, tighten it with a wrench to achieve better sieving effect.
Iii. Check whether the V-shaped ring of the vibratory separator is broken. If there is any damage, timely repair is needed to prevent material leakage.
4, check the vibratory separator motor, regularly add butter from the grease nozzle.
Vibratory separator knowledge:
Vibratory separator block mesh reason: When the vibratory separator is in normal operation, various forms of screen blockage will occur due to various characteristics of the material and different appearance.The causes of the blockage are mainly as follows:
1. Contains a large number of particles close to the separation point;
2. High water content of material;
3. Spherical particles or materials with multiple contact points to the sieve hole;
4. Static electricity will occur;
5. Materials with fibrous materials;
6. More flake particles;
7, weaving screen wire through coarse;
8, rubber screen mesh, such as thick screen, the hole shape design is not fair, not to achieve the upper small lower big, and make the particles stuck.Due to the large size of the material to be screened is irregular, therefore, the reasons for the blockage are varied.
Solution: To effectively prevent the vibratory separator screen from blocking, measures should be taken to prevent the above mentioned vibratory separator from blocking:
1. When the particle size of the material is smaller, the content of the mud is larger, and the size of the screen is smaller, the water will play a decisive role in the blocking of the screen.
2. When the moisture content of the material is more than 5%, if there is no premise to dry the material, the screen surface and screen hole should be selected accordingly.
3. Wet screening should be used when the moisture content is more than 8%.
4. For materials with more flake particles, it is necessary to change the crushing mode of materials and the particle size matching of different crushing mode processes.
Reasonable adjustment of the screen tension force is an effective way to reduce the screen plugging, the reasonable tension force will make the screen with the support beam slightly secondary vibration, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of the hole plugging phenomenon, the detailed way is to make the tensioning hook into a constant force tensioning mechanism, that is, add a spring to the tensioning bolt.
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The importance of safe operation
Vibratory separator is a non-standard device. For most vibratory device users, vibratory separator may not be considered significant in user-owned devices.However, the fault frequency of vibratory separator is higher than that of traditional dynamic mechanical products. The reason is that vibratory device itself is a product that makes scientific use of vibratory destruction.
For the traditional machinery, the vibration of equipment means the symptom of failure, and the vibration equipment is just a product to complete the work purpose and requirements of people through vibration.Although the vibration industry is committed to the anti-destructive optimization of vibration equipment design and research, but the failure of vibration equipment is still frequent.
Moreover, vibratory separator is often arranged in the throat of the user's production process. Failure of the vibratory separator will result in linked parking of the entire production system, which will cause significant production loss to the user.The user should always keep track of the vibratory separator in order to detect the hidden trouble in advance
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