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Time:Dec 2nd, 2020

The things that you don't know but are very important about conveyor idler

Conveyor idler is the heart of the conveyor accessories, it is waterproof, dust proof, especially half liquidity objects (mud) pollution prevention sealing function, the precision of the both ends of bearing, cylindrical radial circular run out, rotating resistance, rolling moment of inertia, noise, corrosion resistant corrosion, wear in the operation of conveyor idler is the heart of the conveyor accessories, it is waterproof, bulletproof,In particular, the sealing function of anti-semi-fluid objects (thin mud) pollution, the precision of bearing bearings at both ends, the radial run out of the outer circle, rotation resistance, rolling inertia, noise during operation, anti-corrosion corrosion, wear resistance and so on, can bring a direct impact on the operation of conveyor accessories.The effect of responding to the reference is minimal.For example, increase the thickness of the pipe wall in order to make it longer.This method not only failed to solve the sealing problem, but also increased the rolling inertia of the bearing, but also caused severe wear of the tapes, energy loss, noise pollution and various potential accident hazards when the bearing was stuck and failed prematurely.
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In order to make the conveyor idler comprehensive functions are to reach the ideal requirements, changes the traditional conveyor idler seal structure, reduce the weight of the rotating parts, traditional conveyor idler is the main reason of premature failure of the aperture of labyrinth seal structure is exposed to the outside, conveyor idler operations, water spray, dust simple muddle along the crack breaking through to the labyrinth structure.Once in the first labyrinth, the pollutants would spread inexorably inward, and the bearings would soon become jammed.
Conveyor idler accessory is conveyor idler guarantee for normal operation of the equipment condition, conveyor idler accessories function whether good or bad, the quality safe has a very important influence and effect on operation condition, and the conveyor idler can adhere to the outstanding status and will greatly influence the power of conveyor, so any a small conveyor idler spare parts will be effective for large scale conveyor is more or less negative effect,In order not to be infected by the fittings on the opposite side of the conveyor, the users are required to make careful protection and maintenance of them.It is simple and tedious to protect the fittings, because they are made of various kinds of small widgets, large and small. The better the protection, the better the effect will be, but the more cumbersome they are.But in order to make the fittings full of reference, and persistently adhere to their outstanding function, the protection and maintenance must be carried out in depth.Protection must be done on a regular basis, all parts of the overhaul, but also the enterprise to stop the operation of machinery.The fittings that have been removed in the course of protection can be inspected by examining their size, rotating accuracy, wear, etc., to determine whether they can be kept in use.
First of all, we should know that the fittings are made by a number of individual fittings, which are all referred to as:The press bearing and reference, seals, couplings, couplings, cast steel rake, cylindrical pin, shaft and spring couple, etc., are the reference in which the press bearing and reference are again of great importance.However, apart from these two, the rest of the fittings also play an important role. In the production of machinery, no matter which small piece is defective, the whole work will not work normally.
The fittings can be of great effect and value in the use of the reference, and conveyor idler can assist the users in the use of the reference, no Idler, etc.
The egocentricity of the shells and the inside holes of the fittings as well as the axial size of each component is important in the production and processing precision.
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If the egocentricity is too bad, it will form a rolling bearing bite death, growth resistance, lost use life;If the axial scale error of the part is too large, it will form a large axial clearance, resulting in axial movement, destroy smooth and seal;If the setting-in quality is not good, it will be deviated, stuck, and made worse by wear, etc., which will be greatly lost in use.
The design of the reference, in order to select the number of reference, enlighten, and the construction of it, thus losing the value of the complete machine, the construction of it, and the construction of the reference, is an important aspect to achieve economic benefit.
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