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Time:Nov 18th, 2020

Do you know how to determine the material of vibratory separator

Vibratory separator is a fine sifting device consisting of top lid, bottom barrel, vibratory motor, sieve frame, sieve mesh, ring band, seal and bounce ball. Vibratory separator is widely used in flour, ceramics, medicine, chemical industry, light industry, paint, powder, salt and other industries. Vibratory separator is popular for high screening accuracy and speed. Vibratory separator is characterized by high screening accuracy, high screening efficiency, low price and small floor space. EXCT® is specialized in manufacturing screening equipment, we have rich manufacturing experience and advanced tooling equipment as well as strict product quality testing equipment and requirements. We are responsible for each customer. From the moment we receive customer inquiries, we send sales engineers, technical engineers, quality control personnel, merchandisers, product quality inspectors and other members to form a project team to serve customers in a one-to-one manner. Our engineers are highly accomplished and attentive. Carefully crafted, repeatedly confirmed, to ensure that customers provide high quality products.
vibratory separator
Vibratory separator is selected according to the material used. Vibratory separator is classified according to material, mainly composed of 3 different types: carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic. Vibratory separator of these three materials is explained in detail below.
Carbon steel vibratory separator is the common vibratory separator we talk about. The part of contact material is 304 stainless steel bases with ordinary titanium steel. The vibratory separator can screen particles of 500 meshes or 0.028mm to filter 500 meshes of grout. The purpose of this is that carbon steel has a low price advantage over stainless steel, especially food grade 304 stainless steel. We use ordinary carbon steel in the base part to effectively reduce the price of products, save money for customers and use priority money in useful places. The use of 304 food grade stainless steel in the contact part and the part with no top lid ensures that vibratory separator is free from material contamination and mild corrosion. Easy to clean, etc. In this way, the combination of stainless steel and carbon steel can not only play a certain protective role, but also reduce the product price.
Vibratory separator is stainless steel; 304 stainless steel material is selected for the machine. Sieve machine after strict polishing, all the welding place has also been carefully polished, stainless steel vibrating screen is suitable for food, medicine and other industries with higher requirements for health screening and filtering materials. For the food industry and pharmaceutical industry and has strong corrosive materials, we must adopt stainless steel vibratory separator, the aim is to prevent corrosion and damage caused by the material of product vibratory separator, at the same time for food and medicine industry can effectively avoid the vibratory separator for pollution materials, stainless steel material is not to drop paint, edge features such as less dust.
Plastic material vibratory separator for plastic shaker, namely from the screen, screen mesh of the net device completely using polypropylene plastic, plastic sieve is mainly used to meet the production of material with acid, alkali, screening of corrosive materials, completely rule out some special material can produce chemical reaction with metal contact problems. Polypropylene vibrating screen is also known as plastic vibratory separator, plastic chemical vibration sieve, plastic chemical vibration sieve, plastic chemical circular vibrating sieve, polypropylene chemical filter vibrating sieve and so on. However, the main purpose is to sieve and filter the more corrosive materials.
Above is some advice on the selection of vibratory separator material. Our EXCT is designed to provide you with quality products that are inexpensive. We do not buy or sell vibratory separator; we want to be in the mechanical industry for the long term

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