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Time:Jun 10th, 2021

Do You Know the Sizers Crusher

The double-tooth sizers crusher is mainly composed of a gearbox and a frame. Among them, the crusher tooth plate of the sizers crusher saddle is the main part of the fixed rod, parts, fixed roller, moving roller, and glue coating. Equipment, etc... The crushing plate is in direct contact with the ore, so the crushing plate must be very hard. Therefore, the crushed tooth plates of chromium and high manganese steel are selected and water quenched after casting. Because the hardness is too high, if the heat is not released in time, the heat will cut the tool and the heat will be too high. Annealing of cutting tools...good processing effect, extremely low processing speed. The general processing methods are gantry milling machines and plates. He rotates the four corners of the inlay (the so-called dental plate) so that the tip of the dental plate is not suitable for contact with the bed surface, and then we use the pressure plate to press down our corners, and then the process. Since the tooth plate is not processed into a pressure plate, the remaining surface (press plate) after processing must move the pressure plate and complete the remaining processing. Tooth plate is an important component requirement of any high-loss and large-volume equipment, so this general processing method cannot meet the production needs. The processing efficiency and processing quality of dental plates are guaranteed, and the processing efficiency is improved. Based on these points, we will improve the processing methods to solve this problem. The design of processing tools, this kind of processing method is mainly to solve the problem of clamping the tooth plate, that is, it is convenient to find, and the clamping can be made after the processing is completed, without repeating the clamping. To better combine the existing equipment to improve the processing efficiency, we will choose a double-column milling machine to greatly improve the processing efficiency. Based on the first two points, we developed a clamping attachment for an asymmetric device to ensure that the clamping attachment can be used when milling two columns. The rest we solve is the problem of loading the map, that is, you can load the stability map, which is convenient to find the map you need, so the package information is the same as the curve and arc information on the chainring. In the following embodiment of the hook groove, The hook groove is used to glue the lower end of the plate with teeth exactly matching the lower end of the gear. Make a prototype of the board so that the dental board is well connected to the device. The clamping process of double-column milling with toothed indexable inserts under the main load of the double-column milling work stage: First, place the fixed tool on the surface of the double-column milling machine as far as possible in the center of the key block in the groove on the surface of the bed. The use of screw compression eliminates the need to find the right, and the critical block has achieved linear accuracy. Wedge the hook surface at the lower end of the tooth plate into the hook groove of the fixing device, press the upper-pressure plate, temporarily do not apply pressure; use the top line to align, follow the alignment of the printing plate to process. The vibration interaction of prime movers in manufacturing is a fairly common problem. , Due to normal operation, they sometimes interfere with each other. Therefore, when a reasonable design and construction plan is adopted, vibration disturbance is particularly important. Vibration interference must be minimized to meet processing requirements. We have introduced the sizers crusher before.Sizers crusher
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