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Time:Jun 11th, 2021

Improvement and Application of Vibration Separator's Screening Performance

The spherical solder powder developed by EXCT mainly has 3a and 4a grades to choose from. They are first screened with a vibrating separator. However, there are some problems in the design process: First, the spherical tin solder is easy to block the mesh holes, which is not easy to clean, resulting in poor dust resistance; the wet screen time is long, and the oxygen content of the spherical tin powder increases, resulting in too high oxygen content of the tin powder; third, The screen is often broken, and the screen takes time and effort. These problems have seriously affected the production efficiency of tin powder, causing most of the recycled tin powder to be easily oxidized into slag during the remelting process, which reduces the direct performance of the vibrating separator.
1. Problems and analysis
The vibration separator is mainly suitable for the classification of
spherical solder powder (3a solder). The screen is generally divided into two layers, the upper layer
is 325 mesh, and the lower layer is 500 mesh. The required product is 325-500 mesh dust. The screening machine did not work satisfactorily when it was first started. The main problem is that the filter is easily damaged, clogged, difficult to clean, and low detection efficiency.
Analyze the above problems, the performance of the vibrating separator, and the reasons for its use. The main reason is the following:
a. The mesh is not tight enough or the tension is uneven.
b. The vibration motor rotates abnormally.
c. The material accumulation contains a large number of particles near the separation point.
d. The material is composed of spherical particles, which generate static electricity or agglomerates and calibrate the network.
e. Set the weight phase angle. not enough space.
2. Improvement measures
2.1 Change the joining process of the screen.
1.Place the screen on the screen.
2.Fix the screen on the screen with a ring and use the ring adjustment screw to adjust the tension of the screen cloth.
3.Apply glue on the periphery of the grid and fix the screen firmly on the grid.
4.Remove excess filters around the mesh.
2.2 Change the cleaning method of the screen grid.
The vibrating separator mainly relies on the continuous impact of a ball to prevent the material from blocking the screen holes and clean the screen. However, during use, the screen keyhole is particularly serious, indicating that the effect of this circuit is not obvious, the height and strength of the rebound are difficult to control, and the screen is easily damaged. After testing, instead of the elastic screen, an ultrasonic vibration cleaning ball is used, which combines an ultrasonic generator, an ultrasonic transducer, and a vibration separator to achieve efficient screening and cleaning.
2.3 Adjusting the inclination angle of the material block Adjusting the phase angle of the material block can change the trajectory and residence time of the material on the screen: if the phase angle is less than 15°, the powder stays on the screen for a shorter time. Low, only suitable for the main inspection; When the angle is 45°, the powder stays on the screen surface of the vibrating separator for the longest time, which is suitable for fine screening. If the phase angle is greater than 45°, the powder channel is close to the center for special screening, and the screening efficiency is also ensured so that the dust removal time on the screen surface should not be too long or too short. Tests have shown that the phase of the entire mass is between 15 and 45 degrees, depending on the number of vibrating separator layers.
3. Use effect and economic benefit
With the improvement of the screen tensioning process, cleaning process, and intelligent adjustment of load phase, the current situation of frequent damage to the vibrating screen cloth has been completely reversed. The screen lock speed is greatly reduced. Effectively improve screen life. Taking the spherical tin powder of quality grade 3a as an example, the average service life of each sieve (the sieve size is 325 mesh) can be increased by 10-20 times, the efficiency of the dust sieve is increased by 20%, and the economic benefit is greatly improved.
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