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Time:Jun 16th, 2021

The working principle of the conveyor pulley

The working principle of the conveyor pulley and its taper device The conveyor pulley is the running wheel of the conveyor belt. As an important part of the conveyor belt, it is widely used in many fields. Can be divided into built-in mode and external mode. surgery. The two products work differently because they are anchored in different places. I will introduce two things to you today. The working principle of the in-line conveyor roller: In-line type is to place the electric drum and gearbox on the drum body, and then transfer the power of the motor to the drum body through the gearbox so that the generated power rotates the conveyor belt. Therefore, the delay principles of these two different devices are also different. External function principle: For the external type, the motor is located outside the drum and the reducer is built into the equipment. The power generated by the motor is transmitted to the electric drum through the clutch. The clutch rotates the drum. Under the action of the gearbox, the conveyor belt rotates.
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The cone device is an important part of the operation of the electric drum, which plays a key role in the operation of the drum. For different electric rollers, the installation of the corresponding cone device will also change, so we need to install equipment and accessories according to the actual situation to make full use of the efficiency of all equipment. The electric roller cone winder can make the tire of the roller cone parallel to the center of the top roller to extend the range of action of the roller cone. Assume the program: There is a cone on the top roller. Located between the roller and the cone in the axial friction ring, a bearing and a matching sleeve are installed on the left side of the upper roller radially from right to left, and the roller and matching sleeve on the left has a snap ring. The lower end of the cone is fixed with a positioning key, and friction details are fixed at the bottom right of the cone. The above introduction relates to conveyor rollers. When the conveyor pulley is installed, the friction has a great influence on us, so we can reduce the friction by dripping lubricating oil, improve the structural accuracy, facilitate the operation, and improve the work efficiency. The working principle of the conveyor pulley and its cone device is as described above.
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