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Time:Nov 30th, 2020

Do you really know the role of trommel Screen in construction demolition recycling system

With the continuous development of urbanization, especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the construction of cities has been accelerated all over the world. With the improvement of educational awareness and the gap in life services, a large number of people have been pouring into cities from the countryside to live in the city.These are accompanied by the continuous construction of a variety of tall buildings, correspondingly, there will be a large number of urban villages, as well as a large number of urban area transformation, but in these transformation, it is inevitable that there will be a large number of construction waste.For a long time in the past, everyone used building materials made from stone quarried from the mountains and then processed.We EXCT after engineers for further development, we gradually mastered the construction waste processing line production process, so that we can avoid the waste of raw materials and a large number of inputs and freshwater resources, can put in the old city reconstruction of construction waste to processing into a new building material, and trommel screen in construction waste processing line has an irreplaceable role.
Trommel screens is a kind of precise classification equipment, it have a wide application, especially are ideal for the screening of compost, organics,glass, stone,wood waste,etc. EXCT can offer a wide range of model for different capacity, At custom design, also can be done according to customer's needs. Trommel screens are designed to provide years of torture-free classification, they can solve your separation question well.
trommel screen in consrtuction
Trommel Screen can be divided into all-stainless steel and carbon steel according to its material, and axial or axle-free Trommel Screen according to whether it has an axis.
Drum sieve is vibrating screen is very special in all kinds of a, can a single layer of powder in removing impurity, can also be multi-layer particle size grading, also can use solid-liquid separation filter, according to their own need to customize layer (can be layered free combination disassembling), is a cost-effective, multi-use of universal screening equipment, look from the appearance, it is like a tube to the ground, screening operations, cylindrical screen scroll spin, hence the name drum sieve,The screen machine for quick screen change, high screening output, good sealing, dust not flying, liquid not leakage, screen mesh not blocking, can be single layer and multi-layer use, also known as trommel screen, cylindrical sand screen, rolling cage screen, pig screen.
The following is about the drum vibrating screen.
Drum sieve wide adaptability, widely used in various types of materials screening, whether it is inferior coal, coal slurry, soot or stone, sand, garbage, and various properties of dry, wet, fine and rough, heavy, light, moisture easily blocked materials, are to be carried out smoothly sieve, sieve products under 200 mm, between 20 to 40 mm, up to 5 mm below, a finer with the cleaning device.
Drum vibrating screen transmission mode is divided into: big and small gear transmission, sprocket chain transmission, roller friction transmission three
Drum vibrating screen has a variety of screens such as: manganese wire weaving net, steel punching net, steel welding net, stainless steel screen for customers to choose.
Drum shaker feeding is simple and varied: The drum shaker feeding port developed by EXCT company can be designed according to the actual site, no matter the belt, funnel or other feeding mode, no special measures are taken, it can be smooth feeding.
Drum vibrating screen high screening efficiency: the equipment can be equipped with comb cleaning mechanism, in the screening process, no matter how dirty and miscellaneous materials into the screening cylinder can be screened, so as to improve the screening efficiency of the equipment.
Standard of discharging port of trommel screen: Trommel Screen has the advantages of fast discharging and high precision, but the design of discharging port is also very important, there will often be material blocking phenomenon. It is suggested that the Angle should be vertical to the ground as far as possible, and the diameter should be larger to facilitate the smooth discharge of materials
Drum vibrating screen unique design: such as enclosed drum vibrating screen, open type drum vibrating screen, six-angle cylinder vibrating screen, shafless drum vibrating screen, and other vibrating screen, at the same time there are a variety of network structure design, so that customers have more choices for EXCT vibrating screen.
Structural features of the drum vibrating screen: Trommel Screen is mainly composed of the drum device, reducer, motor, cleaning device inside the screen, bottom bracket, sealing cover, discharging port, feeding port, etc.The barrel is placed at an inclined position, and the barrel is covered by a dustproof seal, which causes almost all dust and noise pollution in the production process.
Working principle of drum vibrating screen:
Motor drive roller rotation axis, at a certain speed rotating cylinder reducer adjustment, material by the inlet into the cylinder body, under the effect of centrifugal force produced by the rotation, the material inside the drum roll, from top to bottom through the grading sieve exhalation, due to the different size screen classification, gradually be separated filter material, granularity after screening the qualified materials fall into to the respective funnel, and then went forth out of the way of human or through conveyor gravity station sent to the finished product.The qualified products are discharged through the lower discharge port, the particles are larger, and the unqualified products are discharged through another row of discharge port, and the cleaning device inside the cylinder makes the screen not be blocked.
Performance characteristics of drum vibrating screen:
Trommel Screen extension has small power, low energy consumption, self-cleaning device inside the cylinder, the screen hole is not easy to be blocked;Small occupancy space, lower investment cost;Smooth and reliable operation;EXCT equipment high screening efficiency;Large output;The technology layout is simple, installation, maintenance, easy to operate and so on.At the same time, strong adaptability to materials, viscosity, humidity, dirt, miscellaneous and other properties of materials can be screened, feeding method is diversified, namely artificial way and mechanical transmission, can be mass production, the center screen adopts ring flat steel ring design, good wear resistance, long service life, simple structure, convenient maintenance.
Design key points of trommel screen
trommel screen for construction industry
In the design of Trommel Screen extension, considering the simplicity and complexity of the drive, unilateral drive should be adopted first.If from the drive smooth, rational use of power consideration, should give priority to the use of bilateral drive respectively drive, because when the material flow is small (light load or no load), respectively drive can be used as a unilateral drive, can save operating costs.The structure of the sieve cylinder is: round, polygon and compound shape (round plus polygon).Circular is usually used because of its good balance, smooth operation and simple processing.
In the process of construction waste treatment, trommel Screen has two main functions, one is grading treatment, the other is screening treatment. In our design, we designed different screen sizes according to different particle sizes of materials, and designed different screens from the entrance to the exit.This provides a good screening and grading effect.Trommel Screen is usually connected with damage machines upstream. The equipment broken by the damage machine is classified into different materials through trommel Screen and classified into different local downstream equipment.The sorting of construction waste is done.It can then be loaded and shipped to the specified warehouse.
Our EXCT makes qualified Trommel screen products in accordance with production process standards, and creates 6S service standards for customers. We pass strict tests and perfect after-sales service standards for each device.We aim to create a better tomorrow with our customers.
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