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Factors affecting the service life of conveyor idlers and maintenance methods

Conveyor idler the most numerous spare piece of the conveyor, it costs not a little. What are the factors that affect the service life of the reference and what measures can be taken to improve the service life of the reference.Our EXCT has summarized these points for you.
The life of conveyor can be divided into theoretical life, calculation life and service life.Theoretical life usually refers to the standard life of the bearing, provided by the bearing manufacturer.The service life is based on the theoretical life, considering the working conditions of the bearing, the manufacture and installation error of the reference, the stressing state of the reference and the deformation of the reference shaft.The service life of the REFERENCE is relatively simple, which means the actual running time of the reference.It is often considered that the bearing is of service, which is realistic, because in most cases the damage of the bearing is caused by a bearing failure.
The main factors that affect the service life of conveyor are: the type of bearing and its carrying capacity.The choice is correct.According to the national standard, the working environment is no less than 20,000 hours.A number of factors influence the index.The first is the choice of bearing.At present, most of the domestic manufacturers choose deep groove center ball bearings, and foreign useful tapered roller bearings, from the perspective of life expectancy, ball bearing service life is the calculated life, and tapered roller bearing service life is different from the calculated life.In general, the service life is three times the calculated life.
In our belt elevators we usually divide them into three lines according to the position of the installation and the function they perform. Still, as a result of a large opening, impact idler, return idler, Self aligning idler, Comb conveyor idler, Self aligning return idler and so on.So for a large project you have to have strong resistance to wear, to corrosion.As for impact Idler, we mainly place it under the guide tank to act as a buffer and serve as a protection for the belt. Therefore, buffering is a kind of rubber as a layer outside of a common design of impact idler.Self aligning idler is a groove type self-aligning rectifying device that plays an indispensable role in belt aligning machines.In fact, Comb idler is a type of conveyor, usually located in the back haul section of the conveyor, and a rubber ring is added in the outer city of the ordinary steel reference, which can serve as the reference of vibration residue
It is a small part, but because it occupies a large proportion in the conveying machinery, we have to pay attention to it.We can maintain the reference in the following ways to increase its service life:
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1. The normal service life is over 20000h, and no maintenance is generally required.However, according to the use of the site and the size of the load, the corresponding maintenance date should be established, timely cleaning oil maintenance, timely cleaning floating coal, etc.Any unusual sound and no turning shall be changed in time.
When changing the bearing, make the bearing cage open outwards, after loading the bearing, the bearing shall be kept in proper width and shall not be pressed to death.
3. Labyrinth seals shall be in the original fittings, which shall be loaded separately and shall not be set together when assembled.
4. The tube body shall be sternly prevented from being struck by heavy objects in use.
5. In order to ensure the sealing and performance of the reference, it is prohibited to remove the reference at will.
Steel enlighten idler Is easy to rust, resistant to corrosion by acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances, and its normal service life is only 1-2 years, with high abrasion efficiency, thus shortening the service life of the belt. The steel, steel, made by steel, is of great value for recycling, and it is often stolen.
The porcelains have the advantages of rust, smooth surface, and abrasion rate of 0.1%, thus prolonging the service life of the belt, the porcelains have no value to be recovered, and the phenomenon of porcelains being stolen has been reduced.
The ends of the ceramic Aida-er are equipped with plastic labyrinth seals, and the oil will not leak, making the rolling shaft run in a state of full sealing for a long time.The ceramic surface forms an oxygenated film that does not bond with any substance and does not react with any substance.The acid, alkali and salt have no corrosive effect on ceramics.The use of double-section ceramics can relieve the heavy pressure point of the conveyor, lengthen the reference, and reduce the wear of the conveyor, and prolong the service life of the conveyor.It can reduce the comprehensive cost of belt conveyor and reduce the maintenance time.On the slope belt, the feeding force is large, the resistance is small, the effect is better.
Therefore, we have drawn the following advantages: 1.2. Strong hardness;3. Full seal;4. Long service life;5. High economic benefits.
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Rare earth ceramic sand is made of porous ceramic raw materials mixed with rare earth raw materials. It has strong filtration and adsorption capacity, high strength, low resistance, properties, simplicity, long service life and so on.
Traditional filtration materials such as quartz sand, granite and anthracite have low porosity, small specific surface area, poor pollution intercepting capacity, low yield and unstable water quality.The filtration cycle and service life are short, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the treatment of industrial waste water with complex components and the treatment of domestic and industrial water with increasing pollution.
In the course of use, the length of time will cause local temperature to be too high. The high temperature is mainly caused by bearing friction. The ends with high temperature are as follows:The bearing ring rotates on the shaft or inside the shell;The lubricating oil quality does not meet the requirement or deteriorates, and the lubricating oil viscosity is too high;Heavy load;CAM bearing maintenance frame or bone body fracture, etc.
Although only a small amount of lubricant is needed for bearing lubrication, poor lubrication of the bearing and processing of mechanical equipment, but after running for a long time, due to the deterioration and leakage of grease, thus making the bearing ineffective.Tapered conveyor idler bearings are usually separable i.e. the tapered inner ring consisting of the roller and the inner ring of the hanger assembly may be separated from the tapered outer ring (the outer ring).
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