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Time:Dec 21st, 2020

Do you know how to distinguish vibratory separator from ultrasonic vibratory separator

Vibratory separator is a light sifting device commonly used in the mechanical industry and is also a fine sifting device.Today we have two devices named vibratory separator and ultrasonic vibratory separator.Ultrasonic vibratory separator can be regarded as an upgrade of vibratory separator, which is a more refined screening device.We usually install an ultrasonic emitter on the common vibratory separator. For finer powders, the ultrasonic emitter can effectively avoid material stickiness to the screen when the vibratory separator works.
vibratory separator
Ultrasonic net cleaning technology is one of the most effective general technologies through the physical process of ultrasonic generation, propagation and reception.So, what is an ultrasonic vibrating screen?
A kind of ultrasonic vibrating screen is a vibratory separator derivatives, work in more than 300 mesh fine powder sieving, due to a finer material particle size and high electrostatic, strong adsorption, easy agglomeration problems affecting screening efficiency, average vibratory separator pinball clear network for effective screening work very hard, domestic factory on the basis of absorbing European and American advanced screening equipment technology, independent research and development and production of efficient network of JCC series ultrasonic cleaning system, and for combining the ultrasonic system with vibrating screen to achieve the effect of efficient clean net.Users hope that high-speed screening does not plug the mesh, the conventional method simply uses vibration/shaking and pinball mesh cleaning technology to remove foreign bodies for screening, ultrasonic vibrating screen in addition to the above conventional methods, the ultrasonic vibration system can be generated in the micron range of high-frequency micro-oscillation evenly transmitted to the mesh;Using this technology can reduce the friction between the screen surface and the material, reduce mesh blockage, compared with the conventional screening machine, a screening net rate and overall screening efficiency are greatly improved, can ensure that in the screening process, mesh for a long time not blocked;According to the different particle structure of the material, the productivity can be greatly increased, and the service life of the screen can be prolonged while ensuring long-term efficient screening.Ultrasonic vibrating screen in the industrial production, we have a professional ultrasonic system research and development, production studio, we continue to work hard to improve the original design, so that the product constantly progress;Industrial production of microfiltration has reached 3 microns, laboratory powder samples can be up to 20 microns, liquid particles can be up to 5 microns.Ultrasonic vibrating screen we are more professional
vibratory separator
Conventional vibratory separator is a product that we have been producing. We have been engaged in the research, development and production of vibratory separator for decades.In the fine screening industry, our company has a professional laboratory, we have advanced production technology and tooling equipment.We focus on experimental data and real production experience.We are committed to do the world's top fine screening equipment.Vibratory separator is high precision fine powder sifting machine with low noise and high efficiency. It takes 3-5 minutes to quickly change the net. Vibratory separator is fully closed structure, suitable for sifting and filtering materials such as granules, powders and mucilage.Vibratory separator is motivated by an upright motor with a eccentric hammer on the upper and lower ends. The motor's rotational motion is converted into a horizontal, vertical and slanting three-dimensional motion which is then transmitted to the sieve surface.By adjusting the phase Angle of upper and lower ends, the motion trajectory of material on the screen can be changed.Vibratory separator is motivated by an upright motor. The upper and lower ends of the motor are equipped with a centripetal hammer, which converts the motor's rotational motion into a horizontal, vertical and slanting three-dimensional motion. Then the motion is transferred to the screen surface for material to do external expansion of gradual motion on the screen surface.Vibratory separator has the advantages of long track running of material and high screen surface utilization. Adjusting the phase Angle of the upper and lower end weights can change the motion track of material on the screen.Can carry on fine screen to material, probability screen etc.Vibratory separator, after starting the power unit that is both ends up and down the different phase of eccentric block vibration motor, due to the high speed placement and produce a compound inertia force, the force of inertia force vibration sieve machine body for the complex spinning movement, under the action of vibration sieve box continuous reciprocating movement, periodic vibrations into the ground and drive the screen surface, so that the material on the surface of the screen to make directional movement enthusiastically with screen box, meanwhile, less than the material through the screen mesh of screen surface aperture to lower level, becoming the undersize, greater than the screen surface pore size of the material after continuous jumping movement from the discharging mouth eduction, eventually completed screening work.The vibratory separator has a complex three-dimensional spatial curve whose projection on the horizontal plane is circular and the projection on the vertical plane is identical ellipses.In practical application, by adjusting the relative phase of the eccentric blocks at the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor, the motion track of the material on the screen surface can be changed, so as to achieve different purposes of screening.
The above is the difference between vibratory separator and ultrasonic vibratory separator. The main connection between vibratory separator and ultrasonic vibratory separator is that they are both fine sifting devices.They are characterized by low noise, low cost and high screening efficiency.Both have powdered materials to handle.
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