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The most comprehensive belt bucket elevator maintenance knowledge

Belt bucket elevator, also known as high-efficiency belt bucket elevator, is a series of hoppers fixed uniformly on the annular belt and a continuous conveying machine for vertically lifting materials.In general, we need to maintain our belt bucket elevator regularly in the process of use, which is not only beneficial to the service time and life of our belt bucket elevator.Below is the maintenance knowledge of our Belt bucket elevator arranged by EXCT
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1. As the belt is used as a traction component, the stability of its transmission is not possessed by the chain belt bucket elevator. There is no impact caused by the traction components, so the noise is small and the efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional chain belt bucket elevator, so it is also called the high-efficiency belt bucket elevator.
2. Due to the belt traction, there is no chain traction impact caused by its own structure, and the transmission is stable, so the linear speed can be improved a lot, and the conveying speed of materials is large, and the carrying capacity is strong.
3. Due to its small impact, the service life of a qualified belt bucket elevator is very long, which is almost equal to that of similar belt conveyor under the same working conditions, while the chain life of chain conveyor is only one to four years.
4. Compared with the chain belt bucket elevator, its operating condition is relatively high, which is mainly used for conveying powdery materials and has a high cost.
5. Due to its belt traction, positioning is relatively difficult, and too small counterweight is easy to cause skidding and running off-track, while its axial positioning is difficult and running off-track is easy to occur.Has the following advantages
1. Check the tightening condition of the belt bucket elevator bottom end tensioning device, and conduct inspection and adjustment on time;
2. Manually hit the brake to check the damage of the hopper and the falling of anchor bolts, ensure that the chain and pin are in good condition, and carry out partial replacement or all replacement according to the damage and destruction of the hopper and chain;
3, reduction oil volume, vibration is everything normal;
4. Check the damage condition of the pin and chain segment if there is any contact between the transmission system chain and the casing of the reducer;
5. The malleable column pin of the shaft coupling should be replaced on time;
6. Replace the fixed and damaged gear of the rotating shaft and driven shaft.
Maintenance preparation in advance
1. Carry out injury identification, natural environment identification and risk assessment based on the operation status of machines and equipment, inspection and diagnosis results.
2. Do well in daily maintenance tasks and safety technology disclosure, so that each maintenance staff understand the basic principle of the construction of the machinery and equipment, maintenance plan and product quality standards.
3. Do well in the work of various weapons and equipment for safety and labor protection.
4, the common tools used for maintenance, measurement, detection safety tools check up to the standard.
5. Determine the specifications, models, total number and quality of accessories to ensure the smooth maintenance.
6. Hoisting machinery, machinery and rope shall be tested and qualified.
7. The back cover of the belt bucket elevator shall be disassembled and installed according to the following standards:
(1) The protection of the generator set and the system software conforms to the safety regulations, the switching power supply is disconnected, and the safety precautions are implemented;
(2) I have applied for a work ticket for maintenance of machinery and equipment and a work ticket for restricted indoor space.
Belt bucket elevator for maintenance
1. Open the inspection hole and temporary hand hole on the back cover plate and end of the belt bucket elevator shell, and make sure that all the leftover materials inside the belt bucket elevator have been cleaned and tidy.
2. Disassemble and install the casing of the coupling, break the coupling and carry out the middle reexamination, and replace the six malleable column pins of the coupling;Remove and assemble the rolling bearing cover of the rotating shaft and driven shaft, check the wettability and damage condition of the rolling bearing.
3. Overhaul of drive equipment: check that the reducer and transmission mechanism should be soldered firmly on the top of subgrade service platform and server head. The output shaft of the reducer must be parallel to the head wheel, and the axis of the dimension sprocket must be on a parallel line.
4, replacement chain and hopper: four a manual hoist before replace the premise, and running belt bucket elevator to operate must be replaced chain and hopper to the belt bucket elevator at the top, then loose end up tight equipment galvanized steel wire rope, adjust the belt bucket elevator sprocket shaft end tension adjustment screw extruder, high sprocket shaft, make the belt bucket elevator chain in relaxation.At the top of the belt bucket elevator, four manual hoist were used to tighten the chains on both sides of the top sprocket, making the chains on the top of the belt bucket elevator loose, and one hopper and the chain shaft pin were removed from the two chains respectively. At this time, the chain was divided into front and back and left parts.
Just began to replace the chain from behind the top first, at the back of the top will set a new chain (10 knots into a set of general), and at the top of the original chain with shaft pin connection with belt bucket elevator at the top of the outside of the two chain hoist and tighten the top of the lateral section of chain and hopper, and out of the top cover out of a group, then take a set of new chain and the group of newly installed behind the top belt bucket elevator chain are connected, and again on the outside of the top pull out of a group, has been gradually put into belt bucket elevator chain,All changes end when the top and outside pull the updated belt bucket elevator chain (as shown in the figure below).
After the replacement, tighten the belt bucket elevator chain at the top and the outside and the back. After selecting the appropriate length, connect the front, rear and left chains with the shaft pin. The belt bucket elevator chain must be connected with the shaft pin with the pin, otherwise the shaft pin will fall down during the operation of the chain, which is likely to cause major accidents.The length deviation of the two chains should be as small as possible. The chain should not be too tight. The limit is whether the rotating chain of human resources is easy and easy and there is no significant friction resistance.At this point, the belt bucket elevator chain is replaced.
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After that, the tension distance of the lower hammer tensioning device must be adjusted to ensure that the tensioning device has sufficient adjustment travel arrangement during the whole process of application. After adjustment, the unutilized travel arrangement should be no less than 50% of the total travel arrangement.Rotate the active sprocket with force to make the chain of the traction belt operate for one week, check the tooth match between the chain and the sprocket, and make the replacement with bad tooth match.No problem, to carry out the belt bucket elevator hopper installation, each hopper with four M8X25 double anchor bolt fixed in the chain attached to the plate (hopper anchor bolt using the split pin anchor bolt or double nut and prison, in case of fall), general installation hopper in the belt bucket elevator, on the tail end of the temporary hand hole every installation after a manual type brake, to carry out the next hopper installation, has been gradually put into belt bucket elevator hopper,Then the installation of the hopper will be completed after a turn of the manual brake.When installing the hopper, pay attention to the balancing problem of the loose side of the chain. The hopper is t-shaped, and the back contains the induced feeding separator. Make sure that the location of the hopper is appropriate and accurate during installation.
5. Replace the top sprockets: TB bucket elevator is vertical, so its top sprockets are seriously damaged because they bear the belt bucket elevator chain, hoppers and all the net weights of raw materials transported during operation, and the service life is usually not more than 2 years.During the replacement, a full set of sprocket shaft, sprocket wheel and rolling bearing should be installed together, and then the chain replacement process should be followed. Lifting equipment should be used to carry out the overall replacement after the chain at the top of the belt bucket elevator is loose. The flatness of the spindle bearing to the plane is stipulated to be 0.3/1000.
6. Within the period of replacing the belt bucket elevator chain, check the high-speed end backstop of the speed reducer and make sure that it is in good condition, so as to avoid a sudden power failure in operation, which will cause the hopper with raw materials to operate in the opposite direction, clog the raw materials at the bottom, or even damage the parts.
7. Check the alignment between the top and the end of the head, and ensure that the rotating shaft and driven shaft maintain parallel planes, so as to prevent the belt bucket elevator chain from running off-direction during operation.
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