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Do you know the working principle and product features of self Aligning conveyor idler

Belt conveyor as an important conveying equipment, due to the influence of manufacturing, installation and joint improper, the problem of belt deviation is inevitable.At present, there are many ways for belt conveyor to correct deviation, and the most common and effective way is to adopt Self Aligning conveyor idler.There are various structures to Self Aligning, and different ways of turning off.
Self Aligning Conveyor Idler
However, the working principle is roughly the same, that is to say, when conveyor belt deviates, it drives Self Aligning Lima groups, thus resulting in a friction that prompts the conveyor belt to restore its balance position, thus achieving the purpose of conveyor belt deviation correction.Common Self Aligning conveyor idler have TD75 trough the Self Aligning conveyor idler, DT Ⅱ conical Self Aligning conveyor idler, etc.Each of these two kinds of Self Aligning idler has its advantages and disadvantages, and the principle and structure characteristics of their Self Aligning are briefly introduced.And combined with their own characteristics to improve the design.The center line of the conveying belt is vertical from the line as can be seen:When the conveyor idler's center line and the center line of the vertical conveyor belt, conveyor belt and conveyor idler any contact point, the linear speed conveyor belt at a V1 and conveyor idler rotation velocity V2 are equal, because there is no relative sliding speed, for static friction between them, delivery to conveyor idler friction and conveyor idler to the conveyor belt of the friction force balance, the friction force and the center line of the conveyor belt Angle is zero,Therefore, when the center line of the conveyor belt is vertical, the conveyor belt is not subjected to crosswalk, and the conveyor belt cannot be automatically rectified when it is off-kilter.There are two main types of Self Aligning idler delivered by our EXCT, one is Self Aligning idler and backhaul Self Aligning idler in friction groove type, and these two types are both righting the loaded belt and the back haul no-load belt respectively to the lifting lugs installed in the frame of the belt conveyor without the lower part.
When the center line of the idler is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt, the speed of this reference is V3, and the revolving speed is V4. Because the center line of the idler is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt, relative sliding speed is caused, and there is friction between the two.The conveyor belt is moving in the direction indicated, and the conveying has brought a forward traction F, which can be broken into the component F1 and a horizontal component F2 that make the convener turn. The lateral component exerts a counter force F3, which makes the convener move to the right, thus causing the conveyor to deviate.The method of adjustment is: move the right idler forward or the left idler backward.Therefore, after Self Aligning the idler after leaning forward an Angle, there is a force to correct the deviation when the conveyor belt runs off, and Self Aligning the idler is designed and manufactured according to this principle.
See, it is mainly in accordance with the TD75 selection manual that the three groove rollers and two small vertical rollers are installed on the upper beam, the lower beam is connected to the middle rack, and the upper and lower beams are connected to each other through a rotating shaft.When lose send belt running deviation to one side, run into vertical roll conveyor belt edge, under the action of horizontal force, driving on beams a rotating shaft rotate Angle, make running wide side conveyor idler forward, at this time the Self Aligning conveyor idler inflicts on conveyor belt lateral pushing force, prompted after running deviation of convener belt automatically returned to in situ, realization of running wide belt automatic adjustment, to ensure the conveyor belt to run.
What is the applicable scope of caterpillar type shot blasting machine?
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Its advantages are as follows: when the deviating quantity is small, the rotation Angle of the moving IDA ler is small, and the lateral thrust of the conveyor is also small.When the width of the moving medium is large, the width of the moving medium will be larger, and the lateral thrust of the conveying belt will be larger.In this way, the automatic adjustment of different deviation quantity is realized.Another role of blocking deviation vertical rollers can also directly prevent and limit conveyor belt deviation in severe cases, and under the joint action of Self Aligning, prompting conveyor belt to run gradually to the center without causing the phenomenon of belt running out of the rack.Its defects are that the width of the general conveyor belt is not wide enough, it can be turned off by the shape of the tank and adjusted automatically.But because the upper beam strength is weak, in large volume will appear on the upper beam bending, deformation phenomenon, affecting automatic Self Aligning effect;In addition, the rotary shaft and the base with clearance sliding fit, no bearing installed, friction resistance, plus dust, impurities, easy to appear stuck, rust and lead to the rotation inflexibility.Vertical rollers can damage the edge of the conveyor belt.
Self Aligning Conveyor Idler
2, taper Self Aligning conveyor idler
Conical Self Aligning conveyor idler, based primarily on DT Ⅱ selection manual, the two conical roller installed in separate rotary rack, tapered roller when installation, big head in the middle, small head on the outside, two rotary rack through connecting rod machine structure to realize synchronous rotation, beam connected directly on the shelf in the middle.Because the diameters of the two ends of the conical roller are different, the angular velocity of the same roller produces different linear velocities on the cone diameter when the roller rotates.According to the relationship between angular velocity and linear velocity, linear velocity is proportional to radius under a certain angular velocity.Therefore, on a conical roll, the linear velocity at the large end is high, while the linear velocity at the small end is low, and there is a linear velocity difference on a roll.After the conveyor belt running deviation, conveyor belt is contact with the small end of the roller, due to the small linear velocity of the roll and the conveyor belt, generate an additional resistance between rotary frame around the rotating shaft rotates a certain Angle, forming conveyor idler group have to exert lateral thrust belt, prompt reply after running deviation of belt in situ, so as to realize the automatic adjustment of running wide belt, ensure the belt to run.
Its advantages are: by replacing the slot roller with the taper roller, making use of the difference in linear speed, the reference made idler swivel frame produce a forward force, and changed the load condition, making the horizontal thrust produced by conveyor belt run off increase, and Self Aligning effect become more obvious.
Its disadvantages are: as a result of conical Self Aligning conveyor idler2 migratory shafts are separated, the 2 rotary frame realize synchronous connecting rod mechanism, due to the middle connection parts more, plus manufacturing, installation and other factors, which affect the flexibility of synchronous turning, the synchronization effect is not ideal, which will affect the automatic Self Aligning effect.
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