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Time:Dec 14th, 2020

Let me tell you about apron feeder's problems and solutions in design production and use

We EXCT is a company specializing in the production of bulk material transportation equipment manufacturers, we are independent in the mining industry is engaged in the design, production and sales, after sales in the integration of ERP project total package company, through our research and production experience for many years, we summarized some apron feeder in the design, production, sales and after-sale in a few small problems and solutions for your reference.
In order to prevent deformation of the bottom plate, five heavy steel rails are arranged under the bottom plate, and sleepers are provided under the rail.Each floor drill has' 3Holes and bolts fixed on both sides of the chain plate are cross-section diagrams of the bottom plate. The bottom plate is formed by hot pressing of thick steel plates. In order to prevent clearance leakage of adjacent feeding bottom plates, square steel strip is used to weld the bottom plate.Both sides retaining material thick, vertical welding.
apron feeder for cement plant
One run up
The minimum gap between the running and stationary frames must be guaranteed during design, fabrication, installation, and debugging.If the clearance between the guard plate and the guard side, the clearance between the guard side and the support, the clearance between the height of the guard side and the guard supporting plate, the interflow momentum at the shaft end of the roller pin and the clearance between the column can not be guaranteed for these minimum clearance in normal operation, the rigid impact will inevitably result in destructive accidents.
The manufacturing quality of two parallel and equal distance traction plate chains in the unit is poor.The poor manufacturing accuracy of the chain plate pitch causes the accumulated error to be out of tolerance, and the two traction chains run out of sync, resulting in dislocation and increasing traction resistance during operation.Second, the drive sprocket tooth shape and chain slot position processing dislocation error, resulting in two chain transmission out of sync, resulting in different size of tensile stress, one of the operating resistance exceeds the plate chain load and chain broken.In order to eliminate the influence of this kind of manufacturing error, one of the tension sprocket does not have a key-way, forming the structure of cruise ship, but too much error will be left behind.The bottom slab slides on the five rails. Because the sleepers bear the impact for a long time and produce plastic deformation, the five rails cannot be guaranteed to be in the same plane to support the bottom slab. The reduction of the supporting surface will result in the deformation of the bottom slab and increase of sliding resistance on the rail.Bottom plate hot pressing molding, radian!Small distance. When the bottom plate turns on the head and tail sprocket, the adjacent two bottom plates collide with each other at the upper top Angle of the sprocket arc degree, and the apron feeder chain plate group is forced to operate, which causes the chain to jump on the sprocket tooth shape and increases the traction operation resistance.Powder metallurgy bearing oil bearing sleeve for a long time to bear all kinds of impact, its load capacity is poor, easy to fracture.
Two mismatched type of feeder reducer contributed to traction power failure
apron feeder fof bulk material handling
The matching of reduction gear is decided by the transmission scheme firstly. The traditional scheme is: in the working environment with low speed and heavy load and impact, the structure of motor - reduction gear - open gear - driving sprocket is generally adopted.This structural design takes up a large area and is reliable to use, but requires the manufacture of large modulus gears.In order to reduce the floor space of the unit, we adopt: motor -!Stage planetary gear reducer - "stage worm gear reducer drives sprocket through coupling.In less than one year, the worm gear crown will break.From the design of transmission analysis, bearing impact load transport machinery, the use of open gear is more practical and reliable.Some unpredictable use factors and manufacturing factors should be taken into account when designing the power matching technical scheme, so the power configuration should be left open.
Removing the original sleepers and rails, the feeder adopts a three-row support wheel device to support the bottom plate. Changing the sliding support into a rolling support. This rigid support can reduce deformation and operating resistance of the bottom plate, making it reliable and easy to maintain.In addition, because the apron feeder material of the bottom plate is steel, which needs to be formed by hot pressing with oil press, the bottom plate has great rigidity, so it is feasible to adopt rigid support.The powder metallurgy oil-bearing sleeve of the chain roller is changed to a single row of centrist-short cylindrical roller bearing, which has low running resistance and safe bearing under the condition of ensuring normal lubrication.Tension tail wheel spring tension device is composed of channel steel slide, easy to deform and bend.Stiffeners made of steel plates are welded on the grooves and columns to increase the stiffness of the stressed parts of the tail stock.
After the above introduction, I think you should have some understanding of some small problems of plate feeder, you can also handle these problems with ease.We have a high quality team and strict product quality testing team, can effectively ensure the quality of our products, for you to save time and cost.
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