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Time:Jul 3rd, 2021

How to Apply Heavy Duty Apron Feeder

 Heavy-duty apron feeder is wide employed in mining, metallurgy, electrical power, coal, etc industries due to its large feeding capacity, will withstand the direct impact of the massive lump materials and also the stable performance. heavy apron feeder can convey a spread of bulk materials on a horizontal or inclined direction(the most inclination Angle of upward transportation is 25°),also are often wont to convey finished merchandise within the flow production line.
Apron Feeder
As a result of its bearing half and running part are all fabricated from metal materials, it can convey heavier and bigger grain-size with robust abrasion ability materials compared with different continuous convey machinery. This instrumentation is principally used for positions underneath the pressure of bin and hopper, it's additional appropriate to convey the materials with completely different coarseness and different bulk density uniformly and unendingly within the short distance through varied types of crushing, screening, and transportation equipment, especially for the first crushing section. it is not solely suitable for the treatment of coarse material, however fine material is additionally labile to the modification of particle size, composition, temperature, viscosity, the influence of frost, rain, and snow, or frozen material. uniform, correct and reliable feed quantity. rule and structural characteristics heavy apron feeder is supercharged by a motor that drives the sprocket shaft rotates through coupling and reducer. through the sprocket tooth meshing with the chain pin shaft, drag the chainplate to form the continual linear motion, the chainplate is supported by the supporting wheel and sprocket mounted on the frame, and thru adjusting the strain device to make its chain and sprocket mesh correctly, to complete the aim of transfer and feeding materials. heavy apron feeder is principally composed of the pinnacle wheel assembly, tail wheel assembly, solid of revolution, chain support wheel, intermediate support wheel, the roller, frame, gate, bow cap, drive device, and different components. Above is all the introduction to the Heavy-duty apron feeder. If you wish to know more about the Heavy-duty apron feeder, please leave your question with me at the mailbox on our websites.
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