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Time:Jul 5th, 2021

The Protection for Vibratory Separator

To have an extended span lifetime of moving centrifuge,vibratory separator wants definition, therefore this text focuses on this question, from 3 points to precise a way to comprehensive protect the vibratory separator. First, precautions ought to be taken before the vibratory separator’s operation 1. The transportation fixing bolt should be removed; 2. The instrumentality as a full must be in an exceedingly horizontal position; 3. when the equipment has been transported over long distances, all the fastening bolts must be inspected and tightened; 4. whether or not the motor current is correct and whether it is single-phase operation;
5. whether or not the motor rotates within the direction indicated by the arrow of the fuselage. Second, the moving centrifuge check operation: First, a little quantity of raw materials that require to be sieved or filtered is poured into the middle of the screen, and also the machine is adjusted in keeping with the flow direction, angle, rate, and process amount of the raw materials. 1. piece special rubber ring and bouncing ball; 2. change the angle of the lower weight; 3. Increase the load of the higher weight. Third, the adjustment methodology of moving separator’s lower weight: in keeping with the various properties of varied raw materials, to attain the most effective screening effect, the higher and lower weight part angles will be adjusted to effectively modification the flight of the raw materials and prolong or shorten the movement time of the raw materials on the screen. change the load part, usually, solely adjust the lower weight, the upper weight generally doesn't ought to change. once the angle between the upper and lower weights is adjusted from 0° to 15°, the angle between the lower weight and also the higher weight should be adjusted by 15° in keeping with the direction of the motor rotation. Fourth, the tactic of fixing the moving separator’s mesh: 1. Loosen the bundle ring protection screw first, remove the screen frame, and take away the broken screen; 2. Lay the screen on the fastened grid, press the pressure ring, tighten the fixing screws symmetrically, and tighten the screen to form the total mesh surface swish and equally stressed; 3. Install the ball plate (note: the relative position of the ball plate and the pressure ring is fixed); 4. place the rubber ball into the center of the screen from the rubber plug, and eventually plug the rubber plug, that is, complete net loading. Above we introduced the vibratory separator . The HENAN EXCELLENT MACHINERY CO., LTD is a professional bulk material conveying equipment manufacturer. We have a professional production capacity and rich production experience as well as strict product quality inspection. We can guarantee that every piece of equipment we produced is qualified equipment, and we ensure the qualified rate of the products. To know more about our products, Please visit our official website: https://www.exctmach.com/.
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