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Time:Aug 26th, 2020

How to maintain the trommel screen and cautions for use

The trommel screen is one of the general screening machines. It has the characteristics of simple structure, simple operation, and different sizes of materials can be obtained within a certain range by replacing the screen.It is suitable for the separation of different particles.
Working principle and structure
The basic working principle of trommel screen is: the particles are thrown down due to the effect of gravity when they rotate to a certain height with the sieve cylinder, and then filtered through the sieve to form the sieve.
The trommel screen is middle shaftless transmission, the power end is supported on the frame by bearing, and the other end is supported by supporting wheel.Its mechanism is mainly composed of transmission part, drum, frame, supporting wheel part, sieve feeding hopper, sieve feeding hopper, dustproof device and distributor, etc. The sieve net is steel wire woven net.The size of the screen hole can be configured according to the process requirements.Welding is adopted between the rack, drum rack and big bottom rack for convenient transportation and installation;Considering the maintenance and overhaul in the future, the door of quick-opening device is adopted on both sides, and the dust-proof device is divided into two parts, which should be convenient for installation and maintenance.
trommel screen
Safe operation rules
1. Check before operation
Check whether the electrical equipment and instruments are in good condition.
Open the access door and check whether there is ore or other sundries in the roller sieve. If there is any ore, it must be cleaned before operation.Whether the screen is flexible by rotating the drum by hand, if it is, it can be adjusted by adjusting bolts.Check whether the bolts are loose or broken.Check whether the bearing housing and transmission are well lubricated, whether the oil level is moderate, and whether the protective cover is in good condition.Check whether the transmission chain is properly tightened.
2. The trommel screen must be started without load.
After starting, it is necessary to observe whether the discharge is normal, and close the sealing isolation cover after normal. The operator should inspect the equipment once an hour to check the particle size of the discharged material and whether there is any leakage and dust.Check the temperature rise of the motor and transmission parts and see if there is abnormal sound.Check whether the inlet and outlet are blocked by slag, if any, it should be dealt with timely.
Before each stop, it must be confirmed that all the materials in the drum are screened before stopping.
Check the trommel screen after shutdown, and deal with any abnormity immediately.Do well in equipment and environmental hygiene, fill in operating records, and do well in shift work.Iv. Installation and debugging
1, by my factory production of the drum screen after assembly and debugging into a supply.Upon receipt of the equipment, the customer shall, together with the Supplier, carefully inspect the equipment in order to detect any defects which may arise in the course of transportation.
2. Precautions for equipment installation and commissioning:
(1) The horizontal deviation of the machine shall not be greater than 2 mm/m.
(2) All mechanisms of the equipment are not allowed to set up other items, so as not to affect the strength and stiffness of the equipment.
(3) After installation, the installation tools, etc., shall be removed. No residual foreign matter shall be allowed inside and outside the screen cylinder.
(4) All the fasteners of the trommel screen shall be firmly and reliably fixed, without looseness, installed and adjusted properly, and no load test can be conducted after further confirmation.
3. No-load debugging:
(1) No excessive abnormal abnormal sound.
(2) Run continuously for 2 hours and the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 70 ° C.
(3) Load test can be carried out after confirming no abnormalities in no-load test.
4. Load test
(1) The trommel screen should be started first, and can be uniformly loaded until full load after normal operation.
(2) The trommel screen shall not have excessive or significant impact sound.
(3) Roller sieve continuous operation for 8 hours, bearing temperature rise does not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.
(4) Stop feeding before parking, and stop until the material in the sieve drum is completely eliminated.
(5) Meet the above conditions can be put into production and use.
(6) It is strictly prohibited to adjust the equipment during operation.
5. the trommel screen lubrication and maintenance
1. Pay attention to and timely lubrication of all parts of the equipment.Ensure the normal operation of the machine, extend the service life of the equipment.
2. The grease used for the trommel screen is calcium based grease, and the gearbox is 220# gear oil.The initial start should be made on the case refueling.
3. Before the machine leaves the factory, all parts to be lubricated should be filled with grease.The user determines the lubrication cycle according to the specific working conditions.The equipment body is provided with two lubricating parts, which are on the bearing pedestal at the end of the head.
4. The lubrication of equipment shall be carried out after the shutdown, and the motor and reducer shall follow their instructions.
5. It is strictly prohibited to adjust the roller sieve when it is running.
6. Equipment maintenance
(1) The trommel screen shall be supervised by special persons
(2) The maintenance and repair of equipment must be carried out after the shutdown.It is strictly prohibited to maintain and repair the equipment when it is in operation.
(3) Equipment management and maintenance personnel should frequently inspect the operation of the equipment, such as whether the fasteners are reliable and whether the rotation is flexible.After work, the trommel screen must be cleaned of dirt blocking the mechanism.
7. Equipment maintenance
trommel screen supplier
After the normal operation of the roller sieve, the material can be put into uniform. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 40 ° C, and the maximum temperature rise should not exceed 70 ° C. When the above temperature is exceeded, the bearing should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be found out, and the fault should be eliminated in time.Before stopping, the feeding should be stopped first, and the motor can be shut down after the material in the sieve drum is completely discharged.
6. Matters needing attention
1. Stop feeding before the trommel screen stops, and cut off the power supply after the material in the barrel is exhausted.
2. It is strictly prohibited to start the machine after feeding, otherwise the screen may be torn due to too large twist distance, which will affect the service life of the machine.If the machine is shut down due to abnormal conditions, the machine should be started again after cleaning the material inside the cylinder.
3. The feeding shall be uniform at the start of the machine. Uneven feeding is strictly prohibited to affect the screening quality.
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