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Time:Sep 1st, 2020

Basic structure and working principle of vibratory separator

Vibratory separator is a kind of special, high precision fine grain screening machine, mainly suitable for screening grain, flake material, fine powder, micro powder, super light, super fine material. The sieve of dry and wet materials, the separation and recovery of solids in liquid, can also be used for the filtration recovery of wastewater and other operations. Widely used in mining, building materials, metallurgy, casting, abrasive, cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, glass and other industries. Suitable materials such as:
vibratory separator
(1) Resin, coating, pigment, rubber, activated carbon, polyethylene powder, quartz sand, etc., in chemical industry
(2) Chinese medicine powder, western medicine powder, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.
(3) the food industry, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, starch, milk powder, soybean milk, fruit juice, fish meal, food additives
(4) ceramics class such as glass, ceramics, abrasives, lime powder, mica, aluminum oxide, calcium carbonate, etc.
(5) metal metallurgical type of lead oxide, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, gold powder, aluminum powder, all kinds of metal powder
(6) pollution such as recycling waste water, waste oil, waste, etc.
Vibratory separator structure:
A variety of vibratory separator is mainly composed of the following parts:
(1) feeding port, screen cover
(2) Screen frame, screen mesh, fastening belt, discharge port
(3) Vibration motor, motor frame support, vibration transmission body
(4) vibration isolation spring, spring support, spring washer
(5) base, lifting hole, base, ventilation back cover
Working principle of vibratory separator:
Vibratory separator is through the use of on the motor shaft, installed on both ends of the two different phase unbalance weight, because of the high speed rotating centrifugal effect, resulting in a composite force of inertia, the motor rotation movement into a complex of horizontal, vertical, inclined three dimensional movement, put the three dimensional motion is passed to the screen surface, make the material on the screen as a spiral from the inside to the outside of the involute outer diffusion movement, vibration sieve and hence the name. The motion trajectory of vibration is a complicated three-dimensional curve in space. The projection of the curve on the plane is circular and the projection on the two vertical planes is elliptic.
By adjusting the space and phase Angle of the upper and lower hammers, the motion trajectory and diffusion speed of materials on the screen can be changed at will, and the materials can even keep a long-term circular motion on the screen. The purpose of grading operation can be achieved through different levels of screen for materials. According to the three-dimensional motion of the vibratory separator for a variety of screening characteristics, by adjusting the Angle of the upper and lower heavy hammer, the material can be fine screening, probability screening and other screening operations.
vibratory separators
(1) the screen covers
The screen cover is composed of a feed inlet and an inclined cone, the lower end of which is connected with the screen frame, the screen cover and the screen frame are connected by a clasp (or with a flange), and there is a gasket between the screen cover and the screen frame.
(2) screen
The screen frame is made of steel plate (aluminum plate or stainless-steel plate). The upper and lower ends of the screen frame are provided with an acceptance ring and the interior of the lower end
It is provided with a flange ring for fixing the screen mesh, pressing mesh ring and rubber ball bearing plate, on which there are two raised steel plate circles. The supporting plate is divided into three layers: inner, middle and outer. A small hole is drilled in the supporting plate. A rubber ball is installed between the screen and the rubber ball. Bolts, nuts and washers are used to fasten the screen ring, screen mesh, rubber ball tray and funnel to the screen flange (see Figure 2).
(3) the vibration sources
The vibratory separator is composed of vertical vibration motor, motor frame support and vibration transmission body. The vertical vibration motor is installed on the frame support, which is connected with the vibration transmission body by bolts. The lower seat of the transmission body is connected by isolation. The vibration body is connected with the screen frame with a spring clamp (also bolt can be fastened with the screen cover, screen frame and the vibration body).
(4) vibratory separator spring
The vibratory separator spring consists of a spring, spring bearing (a steel cylinder with internal thread at one end), a screw and a spring washer. There are 12 ~ 20 vibration isolation springs in a circle along the vibrator.
(5) base
The base is made of steel plate with an access door and electrical switch seat on the base wall. The upper part of the base wall is welded with a ring flange, which is connected to the vibration transmission body with a vibratory separator spring.
Vibratory separator has the following characteristics:
1. High screening efficiency, screening accuracy above 95%, exquisite and durable design, any powder, mucus can be screened.
2. Small volume, no space, light weight, quick start, low noise, simple installation, easy maintenance.3. The outlet can be adjusted at any position within the 360° circle, which is convenient for process layout.
4. Equipped with variable frequency governor of vibration motor, stepless speed regulation can be adopted in operation, vibration parameters can be adjusted randomly, and the technological process can be dynamically processed to meet the technological needs of the interface.
5. New design of mesh frame, long service time of screen, convenient replacement screen, more convenient cleaning, suitable for dry and wet material classification operation.
6, completely closed structure, dust does not fly, no dust pollution, mesh is not blocked.
7. Adjusting the phase Angle of the eccentric rotor of the motor can change the motion trajectory of materials on the screen, which is suitable for the classification of difficult materials.
Use and maintenance of vibratory separator:
Application requirements of vibratory separator:
1, must be uniform feeding: feed quantity to meet the equipment handling quantity shall be subject to, one feeding too much, hindering the normal movement of materials on the screen surface, not only easy to make the screen fatigue become loose, but also greatly reduce the handling amount of materials. If a large amount of materials is given at one time, the motor load in unbalanced operation will be increased suddenly, which will cause motor damage and reduce the service life of the motor. If the feed volume does not reach the processing capacity of the equipment, it wastes energy and reduces the processing capacity.
2. For the feeding mode with strong impact force, a buffer hopper must be installed so that the material can directly hit the mesh surface, which not only consumes the excitation force generated by the vibration source, but also causes mesh surface damage and screen fatigue more easily, which will affect the output and the quality of screening and filtration.
Precautions and maintenance of vibratory separator:
Fix the machine before use, check whether the machine is in a horizontal position, otherwise, it will affect the operation of the machine. Whether the fine mesh is flat, whether the fuselage's belt-ring screws are locked, whether the distance between the feed pipe and the screen is sufficient, and whether the fuselage comes into contact with other items.
If the motor is running badly, check whether the cable is in bad contact, whether the cable is broken, whether the coil is burned off, and inject lubricating oil to keep the motor running continuously.
3.If there is abnormal sound during operation, check whether the screw of the bundle ring is locked, whether the bundle ring is fully fitted, whether the base table is stable, whether the vibratory separator spring is broken, whether the body is in contact with other hardware, whether the discharge port is connected with other hardware
Touch. Avoid these situations.
4.During operation, the material cannot be discharged automatically. Check whether the motor is running in the wrong direction, whether the included Angle of the upper and lower eccentric block is too large, and whether the device is wrong. If the above situation occurs, correct it.
5.Fine NetEase crushing, whether the raw material directly impact the mesh surface, whether the fine mesh tension, whether the coarse mesh has been damaged, whether the rubber bottom wear thin, such as the occurrence of the above situation, to replace.
Stainless steel frame outlet cracks, whether the connection is heavy or heavy lifting, whether the ring is evenly locked, to eliminate the above situation.
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