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Time:Aug 12th, 2020

How to reduce the damage to trommel screen

In the process of operation, there is basically no noise. It is an indispensable equipment for industrial production and plays an important role. Before the operation, the installation should be done for the basic situation. When installing, the parts should be secured in place. Its installation requires two people, one person to fix, one person to pull.
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Before starting, we should check whether the bolts in each part of trommel screen are fastened. The purpose of fastening the bolts is to make each part fit better and reduce the unnecessary extra vibration generated during the work. This causes damage to trommel screen, thereby reducing its life. The installation of soft acoustic enclosure on trommel screen can not only isolate vibration, but also reduce noise.
A steel spring is replaced by a rubber spring to reduce impact. Rubber springs are more resistant to wear and produce very low vibration noise. The trommel screen is driven by the vibrator, and the weight of the eccentric block can be increased or decreased by adjusting the amplitude. In order to effectively suppress the high frequency vibration of the side plate and reduce the radiation noise, rubber plates are affixed to the side plate of trommel screen box, the feeding port, the discharging port and the receiving chassis. It is also an effective way to reduce noise. Flexible plate gear is used instead of steel gear. It is to use rubber elastomer to transfer torque on the flexible plate of gear to absorb the vibration caused by the gear gnaw in and out.
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How to reduce the noise of trommel screen
The punched steel sieve plate of trommel screen is replaced by a polyurethane sieve plate or rubber sieve plate with small elastic modulus and low impact noise, so that the noise can be reduced several times, the impact of trommel screen is also reduced.
The amplitude can be adjusted by adjusting the frequency converter. Note: Within the allowable range of the motor. In summary, the amplitude of trommel screen should be adjusted according to the characteristics of the vibration source.
The damping treatment is carried out between the inner and outer sleeves of the bearing. The rolling body of the bearing can be made into a hollow rolling body or the damping material is added into the interior of the hollow rolling body, which can reduce the vibration of the bearing and reduce the noise of the bearing.
Trommel screen amplitude is driven by vibration motor. In this case, the excitation force is changed by adjusting the Angle between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor shaft. The larger the Angle is, the smaller the excitation force is, and vice versa.

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