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Time:Aug 11th, 2020

What are the influences of the number of layers on vibratory separator

 Vibratory separator, also known as circular vibrating screen, can be for single or multi-layer use. Some customers want to use 4 layer or 5 layer of vibratory separator, but the vibratory separator manufacturers generally suggest that the customer choose the vibratory separator with 3 layer of sieve, 4 discharge outlets, why? The suggestion of vibratory separator manufacturer is not without reason, from the conscience of the merchant will at most use 3 layers, of course, there are also in order to make money to meet the requirements of users of the merchant. However, does four or five layers of vibratory separator work as promised? Today vibratory separator manufacturer editor will explain to you the influence of vibratory separator layer number structure on the machine:
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Principle of vibratory separator
Vibratory separator is taken a vertical vibration motor as the excitation source, from the center of the vibration force to the upward transmission of seismic power, forcing the material to do rotary jumping movement, so as to achieve the purpose of sieving powder. Vibratory separator is a kind of high precision fine powder screening machine, with the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, fast screen change, fully closed structure, and suitable for the screening and filtering of grain, powder, mucus and other materials. After vibratory separator is started, the power device, namely the eccentric blocks with different phases at the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor, generates a composite inertial force due to the action of high-speed placement. The inertial force forces the vibrating body of vibratory separator to do the rotary motion, the sieve frame makes the reciprocating motion continuously under the action of the vibration force, and drives the sieve surface to make the periodic vibration, thus making the material on the sieve surface to do the directional active motion together with the sieve box. Meanwhile, the material smaller than the aperture of the screen surface falls into the lower layer through the screen hole, and becomes the material under the screen. The material larger than the aperture of the screen surface is discharged through the discharge port after continuous jumping movement, and finally the screening work is completed. The motion trajectory of the vibrating body of vibratory separator is a complicated three-dimensional spatial curve. The projection of the curve on the horizontal plane is circular, and the projection on the vertical plane is two identical ellipses. In practical application, by adjusting the relative phase of the eccentric blocks at the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor, the motion track of the material on the screen surface can be changed, so as to achieve different purposes of screening.
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If the number of layers is more, the transmission of vibration power frequency is too small, the amplitude is too large.
Vibratory separator manufacturers generally recommend users to install 1-3 layers of screen, that is, the manufacturer's recommendations not exceed 3 layers. According to years of production experience and feedback from users, the operating vibration frequency of the material exceed 3 layers is low, the amplitude is large, and the screening rate is not as high as the screening fineness of 1-3 layers. The biggest drawback is that the higher is with the greater torque. More serious is that caused at the bottom of the screen frame vibration to crack, porous support plate vibration to crack.
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