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Time:Dec 7th, 2021

Introduction Of Rain Cover For Belt Conveyor

The main material of the conveyor cover is the circular colored light board. After the belt machine is installed, The shaped circular colored plate is placed directly on the belt conveyor cross frame. Besides, the conveyorcover is bolted and an observation hole is installed every 20 meters on one side of the circular colored light plate. More coal mine belt machine is generally installed on the belt conveyor cover, rather than a trestle.
What are the advantages of only setting conveyorcover on the belt machine is the relatively small initial investment, the minimal maintenance process, and no additional footprint.
When there is abnormal sound in the rotating equipment of the belt machine, it can be heard at a distance. Furthermore, the probability of equipment failure expansion is relatively small without heating, ventilation, fire, flushing water system facilities and dust explosion safety hazard. The Common Problems Of The Conveyor Cover And Measures To Deal With These Problems
During the cold weather, belt machine inspection personnel inspection equipment, maintenance personnel maintenance equipment, personnel vulnerable to freezing damage, relatively will cause a little impact on the quality of staff.
conveyor cover
A. The staff should wear more clothes on site and pay attention to keep warm. Department managers should pay attention to grasp the ideological dynamics of employees and conduct ideological guidance regularly.
B. In the belt machine tape repair or belt interface vulcanization, if the weather is particularly cold affect the vulcanization effect, a temporary greenhouse should be set up.
The coal is deposited under the return section of the belt conveyor and under the drum. The coal sticking on the surface of roller and roller affects the environment of the coal conveying system.
A. An antifreeze spraying device is set in the position of the belt guide groove at the tail of the belt machine before receiving the material;
B. Each roller is equipped with a steel cleaning device (such as 100 channel steel, steel knife type cleaning roller, scraper, cleaner, etc.);
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