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Time:Dec 2nd, 2021

Trommel Screen And Vibrating Screen Which Yield Better?

Many industries, such as mineral processing, metallurgy, coal, construction, and etc., are inseparable from the participation of screening equipment. What's more, the trommel screen and vibrating screen belong to screening equipment, so sometimes they will be taken out for comparison. Which produces more? Which is better? Let's do the competition.
Which produces more?
1. The output of trommel screen
The main body of the drum screen is the screening cylinder which is composed of several layers of cylindrical screen. Through rotation and gravity, the material moves forward in the sieve cylinder while sieving. That is to say, the fine material screened out is discharged from the front discharge port, and the coarse material is discharged from the rear of the drum.
The output of drum screen is 50-800 tons per hour. Also,the larger the output, the larger the volume of the drum. Sieve cylinder diameter is 1000-2200mm, and sieve cylinder length is 1500-6500mm.
trommel screen
2. The Output Of Vibrating Screen
The Vibrating screens can be divided into linear vibrating screens and circular vibrating screens.
The screen has 1 to 5 layers to be selected. The material can be sieved into different grades. The screen mesh size of 2-200m, 960 vibration, double amplitude, but compared to the capacity of the circular vibrating screen is not very large, the output per hour is only 0.12-20 tons.
The circular shaker has a light and heavy type. That is to say, the circular shaker is divided into single and double layers. A circular vibrating screen is used by the eccentric shaft vibrator to provide the source, with a major feature that is high screening efficiency, large processing capacity. In the case of feed particle size less than 200mm, the handling capacity is 220-450 tons per hour; When the feed size is less than 400mm, the handling capacity is 450-600 tons per hour.
3. Summary
So it seems that the drum screen production is a bit larger, but remember, although the drum screen output is large, the accuracy of screening is not large, and it can not be like the vibrating screen as multistage screening, more suitable for screening single particle size requirements of the material.
Which Is Better?
1. Screening Advantages Of Trommel Screen
The trommel screen is wide used in coal, ore, sand, chemical and other industries. The size of the roller can be customized according to requirements, which is convenient for large-scale and modular design and easy to control. The special screening method of the roller screen makes the screening of time-sharing materials not easy to block the net, to ensure the smooth screening, no need to stop cleaning.
2. The Advantages
Vibrating screen wide range of use, linear vibrating screen suitable for use in mining, coal, smelting, chemical, building materials and other industries; Circular vibrating screen is suitable for use in mining, building materials, chemical industry, transportation, energy materials and other industries.
A vibrating screen can be used as a double vibrator to provide vibration force, vibration is strong so that the vibrating screen can ensure high productivity.
Multi-layer screen design, so that the vibrating screen can be at the same time multi-stage screening material, simplify the screening steps, improve the screening efficiency.
The vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, convenient disassembly of the screen surface, time-saving, and labor-saving.
To sum up, the drum screen and vibrating screen to compare who output, good use is a more difficult thing, they each have bright performance in their suitable field, to know who is better, can only see your material is more suitable for which kind of sieve!
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