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Time:Aug 24th, 2020

Performance analysis of vibratory separator in use

How does the vibratory separator operate and work during use?I believe that there are many friends do not understand the reason, and how it works.When the vibratory separator works, it is through the vertical motor rotation so that the vibrator generates reverse exciting force, forcing the screen body to drive the screen to do longitudinal movement, so that the material on it is stimulated force and periodically thrown forward a range, so as to complete the material screening work.So that's how it works.This vibratory separator is widely used in particle, powder, food, ceramics, and other industries.
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The working face of the vibratory separator is composed of a rolling shaft arranged laterally. There are plates on the shaft, and fine materials pass through the cracks between the rollers or plates.The bulk material is moved to one end by a roller and discharged from the end.This kind of sieve is seldom used in concentrators.Vibratory separator working part is divided into cylindrical shape, the whole sieve around the barrel axis rotation, axis in general installed into a small inclination Angle.The material is fed from one end of the cylinder, the fine-grade material is passed through the sieve hole on the cylindrical working surface, and the coarse-grain material is discharged from the other end of the cylinder.The dynamic balance is good.But its screen hole easy to plug, screen efficiency is low, small working area, low productivity.Concentrators seldom use it as screening equipment.The body of the vibratory separator oscillates or vibrates in a plane.According to its plane motion trajectory, it can be divided into linear motion, circular motion, elliptic motion and complex motion.Shaking and vibrating sieves fall into this category.When the rotary vibrating screen works, the movement direction of the body is perpendicular to the center line of the support or suspension rod. Due to the swing motion of the body, the material on the screen moves towards the discharge end at a certain speed, and the material is screened at the same time.This kind of screening fine material, the classification request high item is more suitable.
vibratory separator is a fine screening equipment, suitable for high classification requirements of materials.It can be divided into 6 levels at most, so you need to operate in accordance with the requirements.The following is a brief introduction to the operation of vibratory separator matters needing attention.
The screen frame is composed of screen frame, screen frame, pressing ring, screen base, rubber ball, sealing strip and tight screw.Screen frame is used for assembly of screen mesh, replace or install screen to remove the screen first lap (box), the discharging mouth up placed on the platform after put down the screen, screen mesh screen flat out on the rack put clamping ring on screen again, according to the mesh fabric (vertical) direction with screw symmetrical slightly, in ensuring uniform and no fold crepe, elastic mesh, mesh square shape wear the screw into the screw hole, respectively after one uniform rotation slowly tighten, cut excess screen.Clamping ring on the screen frame and screen the dovetail groove structure, so the pressure screen stretch tight tight, require good mesh taut, screen frame when no special requirements for aluminum alloy material, commonly clamping ring on screen frame and screen frame gap have certain scope, if encounter, coarse mesh should be increased when clearance, if not in place with he head tapping should be moderate or with vice tight while twist screws, prevent clamping ring on screen frame artificial fracture.Mesh screen is relatively thin and light, in order to ensure the extension of service life, the bottom line should be lined with smaller mesh screen.According to the requirements of material screening, determine the mesh size, the mesh size is lower, the mesh size is lower, please carefully check the mesh size before use to prevent
The quality is affected by the number of mesh.Vibratory separator in the long-term use of the screen should be regularly checked whether there are broken wire, broken holes.Under the condition of concave or deformation, the hole of the sieve will make the rubber team fall into the material, should pay attention to, replace in time.
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The rubber ball is placed on the support bottom. Due to the vibration, the rubber ball bounces and moves continuously along the circular direction on the support bottom, which makes the screened materials play an excellent role of net cleaning due to the right seat, and at the same time ensures the screening output and accuracy.In the long term use will also cause some wear and tear, it should be replaced when necessary to avoid falling into the material. The support bottom is fixed on the vibratory separator with screws, long-term vibration may make the screws loose or fall into the material, it should be frequently checked and tightened.The sealing strip is to prevent the potential leakage powder of the material. The potential leakage powder made after long-term compression and inelasticity should be replaced.
According to the screening requirements of different materials, adjust the phase Angle of the weight block or increase or decrease the weight plate to produce different excitation force and amplitude, which can change the motion trajectory of materials, make the materials fully screened on the screen, so as to achieve the highest screening yield and screening accuracy.The motion trajectory of the material is changed by changing the Angle of the hammer, which is shown by the dial on the vibration shaft end and the pointer of the hammer. Loosen the clamping screw of the hammer block and rotate the hammer block to make the Angle relative to the dial required, then tighten the clamping screw.The smaller the Angle of the included Angle will increase the excitation force.Generally, the included Angle should not be more than 90 degrees.The adjustment of amplitude can be divided into two aspects: water separation and vertical, the amplitude affects the screening yield, the increase of horizontal amplitude makes the material on the screen move to the edge faster, the increase of vertical amplitude makes the material on the screen jump and strengthen, it is suitable for the screening of heavy or viscous materials.The amplitude is adjusted by the number of phase weights of the upper and lower hammer blocks.But the amplitude should not exceed a certain range, otherwise it will affect the service life of the vibratory separator.
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