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Time:Aug 21st, 2020

What is the cause of leakage of vibratory separator

Some customers often encounter screen damage and box leakage in the process of daily use of vibratory separator, which not only increases the cost of using vibratory separator, but also affects the efficiency of screening. The common reasons for screen damage and box leakage are summarized as follows.
A, vibratory separator mesh damaged
vibratory separator
Although the breakage of vibratory separator is not a big problem, but if the reason cannot be found for solving, it will cause frequent breakage of the screen, causing unnecessary trouble. The customer can solve the problem according to the following reasons.
1, the screen quality is not qualified
The quality of the screen is not up to standard, is the most common reason for screen damage, screen is usually composed of the upper and lower two parts - subnet (screen layer) and the mother net;The connection between the subnet and the mother net should be close. When the mother net is often tensioned with poor quality, the subnet is not tensioned, which reduces the throwing force of materials, affects the screening efficiency, and causes frequent screen damage.
2. The material stays on the screen for too long or too much
The customer should adjust the feeding amount according to the different types of vibratory separator and the screened materials, so as to prevent the material staying on the screen for too long, or the material staying on the screen for too much, which will cause the screen tension damage and lead to the bagging phenomenon.
3. Frequency damage of vibratory separator the tensioning strength of the rotating vibrating screen is not enough, which causes the screen to vibrate greatly, resulting in the fracture damage of the screen or the edge of the frame.
Two, vibratory separator frame leakage
The slurry leakage problem of the frame of the three-dimensional vibratory separator can be divided into:
1. New vibratory separator: the screen frame is not corrected during manufacturing
2. vibratory separator in use: timely correct the flatness of the screen frame or replace the sealing rubber.
vibratory separator supplier
Vibratory separator can be divided into ordinary type, gate type, flange type and ultrasonic type according to different applications.Ordinary type vibratory separator is mainly for the screening of ordinary powder and small particle materials.The gate type vibratory separator is a kind of product which is developed in the practical application. It is mainly used for the screening of ultra-light and ultra-fine materials. Users can carry out the screening operation for a long time by controlling the opening and closing of the gate.Edge type vibratory separator is a filtering screening device designed to prevent liquid spatter on the basis of ordinary type, which is widely used in paint, water filtration, pulp filtration and other industries.
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