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Time:Dec 24th, 2019

Several key technical points of Z type bucket elevator

The Conveyor Belts
As one of the major assembly of Z type bucket elevator, the conveyor belt must apply the special steel wire enhanced belt. And the heat resistant glue stock is the right one yo choose by the rubber surface of the conveyor belt, the form of longitudinal and transverse steel wire staggered arrangement should be adopted by the construction of frame, the solid net structure formed by the steel wire ensures that the conveyor belt has high tear strength to the set screw of hopper and the effect of mounting hole of hopper on reducing traction should be fully considered when carrying out intensity check. The lap joint of the steel belt is the key to high reliability of operation. The ends of the steel cable of the conveyor belt should be cast with zinc and lead alloy. The two clamping joints should be made of aluminum plate to reduce the weight. First, tighten the two belts with bolts to the desired torque and tighten them with two nuts. The exposed steel wire in the belt is then inserted into the u-shaped part. The u-shaped part must then be fixed to the intermediate part. The protruding wire is then cleaned and split into strands. The gap between the u-shaped part and the clamping mechanism must be sealed so that it can be cast. In the case of a loose hole, the pouring metal must be heated locally to make it liquid again. After the cast metal is quenched for the structure, the protruding wire is worn off, thus completing the lap of the belt.
z type bucket elevator
The Buckets
The holes on the belt must be cut with special tools. The number of each hole to cut the steel wire should not be more than two. After the bucket is installed, it shall be inspected and tightened again after operation for a period of time. In addition, these hoppers are fixed to the Z type bucket elevator conveyor belt with flat screws. The plate head is fixed in the longitudinal and transverse wire rope by its forged teeth to ensure that the hopper has a high tensile strength. A soft rubber gasket is provided between the hopper and the conveyor belt to prevent the material from entering when the conveyor belt goes around the roller. A certain gap between the top surface of the connecting bolt and the belt surface must be guaranteed to ensure that the bolt does not contact the head roll when the belt contacts the driving wheel. In addition, as a counterweight to balance the weight of the lap device, the corresponding treatment on the opposite side of the belt lap has been done to increase the weight.
The Rollers
The automatic tension device is provided at the Z type bucket elevator tail to prevent the belt from running loosely and wearing of the tail roller. The wear-resistant rubber on the drive roller is pieced together so that it is easy to replace the rubber block without removing the drive roller. The conveyor belt changes direction at the bottom by means of the belt rod roller whose horizontal position determines the smooth operation of the conveyor belt. The gear arranged at the both sides of the tension weight ensures the correct parallel guidance. The precise meshing of these gears with the corresponding rack ensures a reliable parallel guide. The rear part is provided with an automatic tension device, and the tension wheel is welded by the gear, locating sleeve and counterweight block. If the belt is elongated for any reason, the tension device will move vertically downward by self-weight, so the tension rod must always be in a vertical position. The tension wheel is located both axial and radial by the positioning block, with a certain amount of adjustment in the axial direction and a gap in the radial direction between the gear and the positioning block. 
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