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Time:Mar 27th, 2020

The apron feeder with caterpillar chain

The apron feeder with caterpillar chain applies the motor reducer as the power to drive the drive sprocket operate at a low speed, and the running pats is connected by a caterpillar conveyor chain with a formed closed loop and a conveyor trough fixed on the chain plate with a wave-shaped bottom plate to form a conveyor loop. The roller wheels at both ends of the chain plate of conveyor trough support the running part on the guide rail of the rack. The running part operate at a low speed by the engaging of drive sprocket and chain so as to achieve the goal of conveying the materials.
The driving system of apron feeder is connected by the motor reducer with compact structure, small volume, light weight and large transmission speed ratio to minimize the transverse size of the feeder, which is very beneficial for installation, debugging and maintenance.
The drive sprocket device consists of the driving shaft, two drive sprockets and the bearing seat at both ends. The bearing is lubricated by regular oil filling with oil cup, which improves the lubrication condition, improves the dust proof performance and greatly reduces the running resistance. The sprocket surface is processed through quench treatment, which makes it has excellent wear properties.
apron feeder
The rear end tension device consists of the tension shaft, the tension wheel, the slide rest at both ends of the bearing and the tension assembly. The tension assembly is of welded structure, which is firm and compact and easy to adjust the tightness of the conveyor chain.
The running part is composed of the conveying chain, the conveying trough and the supporting roller, which is the main operating gear for the apron feeder with caterpillar chain to complete the feeding, and also the key component of easy loss. The caterpillar chain has the characteristics of good materials, strict technical process and favorable exchangeability. The conveying trough is welded into a trough form by the bearing plate and the side plate. The conveying chain of the apron feeder is only used as the traction assembly, the conveying trough and the weight of materials are supported on the rack by the roller wheels fixed at both ends of the conveying trough, and the roller wheels are equipped with double row radial roller bearings, which is added sufficient lithium base grease for lubrication and seal with oil-sealed felt ring.
The cleaning chain is a set of independent transport system, which is installed in the lower part of the running part. And The main purpose of this device is to collect the blanking materials in the operation of the feeder and send them back to the outlet by the cleaning chain.
The cost of investment of the new structure of the apron feeder with caterpillar chain is not high, which can effectively decreases the cost, increase benefit for the enterprises, reduces the power loss and the noise problems caused by the severe wear and tear of the sprockets, strengthens the environmental protection consciousness and maintain the normal operation of the apron feeder. 
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