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Time:Jun 22nd, 2021

The Classification of the Apron Feeder

The apron feeder is a commonly used lifting feeder. Apron feeders are generally divided into three types: light, medium, and heavy. The light apron feeder is a continuous feeder suitable for material conveying. The short-distance load size is 160 mm or less. It is widely used in mining, plant breeding, chemical, cement, construction, and other industries, from storage bins to crushing, conveying, and other equipment for uniform and continuous supply.
Tilt, the maximum inclination is 20 degrees. Generally, it is suitable for materials with a bulk density of less than 1200 kg/m3, a block weight of less than 140 kg, and a temperature of less than 350°C. The feeder is suitable for short-distance transportation of bulk cargo with a feed size of 400mm or less. It is a combination of factories, chemicals, cement, building materials, and other departments. It is often used for smooth and intermittent loading from storage bins for crushing, conveying, and other equipment. -Large-scale processing plants, crushing and sorting workshops, cement, building materials, and other workshops. As a continuous and uniform feed from the silo to the coarse crusher, it can also be used to transport large particles and weight-related materials over a short distance; it can be set horizontally or inclined, with a maximum inclination of 12 degrees. To prevent material from entering the feeder, the hopper must not be empty. According to different conveying methods, different types of apron feeders are divided into two types: left and right. In the material direction, the drive system on the right side of the machine is the right-hand drive, and vice versa. Our company is a leading manufacturer of apron feeders. Practice shows that our products have the characteristics of excellent performance and reliable quality. Welcome to consult!
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