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Time:Jun 18th, 2021

What is the Vibratory Separator

The three-dimensional vibratory separator uses a vertical motor as the source of vibration. The assembly motor moves the hammers at both ends up and down to make the motor rotate in horizontal, vertical, and oblique three-dimensional motions, and then transfer the motion to the surface of the screen to make the material on the screen. , Increase the outer involute of the movement. Therefore, this series of vibrating screens are called vibrating separators.
By adjusting the upper and lower phase angles, the trajectory of the material on the screen surface can be changed. The size of the vibrating separator can quickly remove insoluble solids in all types of feces and continuously remove slag. The filtration capacity of the cubic vibratory separator can reach 100 cubic meters. Classification involves dividing particles and powders into parts of different sizes. A single three-dimensional vibrating separator can be equipped with 1-5 layers of screens, continuously separating 2-6 particle levels, and the control performance range is narrow. Features of the three-dimensional rotary screen: 1. Exquisite design, high strength, high efficiency, low power consumption; can filter dust and mucus; 2. Unique mesh design, the screen is durable, easy to change, simple to operate, and easy to clean; 3. Small size, space-saving, no need to install foundation, easy to move; 4. The vibrating separator screen is not clogged and does not fly dust. It can filter up to 500 targets of fine particles and filter 500 mesh solutions. According to customer requirements, the size ranges from 400 mm to 1800 mm, and can accommodate up to 5 screens of different meshes, and can be subdivided into 6 different particle segments. It is suitable for more industries to use the three-dimensional rotation of the screen designed by the door; the gate-type vibrating separator can ensure the residence time of the screened material in the screening machine, and open the shutters to discharge the material to the screen when the accuracy requirements are met to ensure the screening accuracy And productivity. It is aimed at a large amount of food, prevents splashing of materials, and is easy to see through the sieve. It is especially suitable for filtering ceramic dirt, pigments, and other slurries.
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