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Time:Jan 2nd, 2020

What is the position of apron feeders in tile production

The application of the apron feeders in tile production. It can be said that the tile production technology is not perfect without batching and the equipment cannot be matched without the feeding, tile mechanical equipment.
1.Apron feeders as the feeding equipment, With the implementation of related policies, the original clay production process of the brick and tile industry has been diversified, such as he high content of fly ash production, coal gangue, shale production process and so on. All of these process have the mixing problem, even for the whole coal gangue, there is also the ratio of red gangue and black gangue. In the production process, it is difficult to achieve the require proportion mixing without apron feeders. Tile production is used for processing bulk raw materials, in view of the existing equipment, apron feeders should be a more ideal equipment, such as shandong liyan using five apron feeders.
At present, there are two rotating methods of apron feeders produced by domestic brick and tile machinery factory. One is the clearance operation, consisting of motor, gearbox, rocket arm, ratchet, the speed of ratchet can be adjusted by the up sliding of rocket. This old feeders not only expensive in cost, but also complicated in structure. The other is to use a variable frequency motor to complete all speed regulation and rotation before reducer. Its structure is simple, but can also complete the mixing work, besides the technical content is higher than the former.
apron feeders
2.Play a uniform feeding role. Uniform is an indispensable process in raw material processing and semi-finished product production of apron feeders, for example, a hammer crusher with a design capacity of 20t must process 0.334t per minute, then it need to process 5.6kg, which means it is critical to evenly supply 5.6kg of raw materials to the hammers per second. Generally speaking, it is completely achievable, but many manufactures can reach the designed output of even less than 50 percent, one of the main reasons is that there is no uniform feeding equipment, in the production process, it is often need to shut down to wait the materials, which wastes a lot of time, or sometimes plenty of material, sometimes less material, when the material is a lot, the true empty box is blocked, the vacuum degree is not down, the molding moisture is not well controlled, resulting in increased waste. This not only waste electricity, labor, but also increases production costs. Therefore, the formal design institute of the brick and tile process, they are all very concerned about the layout of the apron feeders.
3.Storage function. In the process of making bricks of the coal gangue, shale and high content of flash ash, a whole set of production equipment is quite complicated, for the crushing of raw materials, it generally need to use a coarse, a fine, a screening of secondary crushing process and ,material plasticizing need to set up two stirring, two rollers,besides it also need to add a wheel rolling. It is impossible for each equipment in every working procedure to have no fault, but if one equipment machine out of order, the whole machine will stop production, obviously it is not scientific. However if a apron feeder is installed in front of each process, the problem will be solved, because the capacity of the apron feeder is close to three cubic, plus the storage on the floor of the feeder, it can basically store up to ten to thirty cubic. These storage materials can enable the next process to produce fifteen to thirty minutes, which provides sufficient time to repair the machinery of the previous process, greatly improving the operation rate of the whole line of apron feeders
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